How to take consistent action

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Often I hear business owners proudly share how many books they’ve read & how they’ve binged listened to lots of podcast episodes, like it’s a badge of honour.


But the same thing goes through my head every time …. ‘So what have you actually done with all that new information?’.


Because if it’s just going in one ear & out the other, then it’s actually such a waste of your time, energy & money.


Confession …. I love, love, love books! I even just popped into Waterstones just before I came to write this in Starbucks, just so I could get that ‘new book smell’ fix! I know I know … weird but you can’t beat it.


But I resisted the urge to buy a new book … even though so many caught my eye.


Because I’ve just finished reading a great book & am now going to read it again!


Why? Because it inspired me so much that I want to focus on actually putting some of the new information into practice now …. before jumping into the next book that is sitting on my bookshelf.


It reminded of why it’s so important to take yourself through the three stages of action.

  1. Information

  2. Inspiration

  3. Implementation


I share more about it on this week’s podcast episode with you to help you really not only get new information but to actually help you to do something with it, which will help you & your business.


I also spill the beans on something new that I’ve been busy working on behind the scenes here at RT-HQ (i.e. my home office).


How open-minded are you?  Because it could be just what you need to help you to Get Out Your Way!


I’ll be opening it up to a small group of business owners in the next couple of days, before it is officially launched. So keep your eyes peeled to find out more & you can also hear me share why I’m so excited about it near the end of this super short podcast.

Here’s the extra links & resources for this episode:

* Find out more about the Get Out Your Way Accelerator here.

* Take the ‘Get Out Your Way’ free quiz here.

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* What is your Entrepreneurial Superpower? Find out which of the 8 Wealth Dynamics profiles you are more aligned with?

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Best wishes as always.

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