How to be patient when growing a business

I was being Mr Grumpy Pants this weekend, all because our family holiday later this month was officially cancelled.


I know, I know … not the end of the world but it still!


And first I was beating myself up for feeling rubbish about it but then I decided to give myself permission to wallow in it & be negative…. for a short period of time!


I talk about this more in this week’s podcast episode & share some top tips on how I then helped myself move to a more positive place.


I’m sure that there could be some useful tips in there for you too, if you find yourself in a place that you don’t want to stay in for too long.


But my biggest takeaway was the reminder that even as a business & mindset coach … I’m human & for all of us, it’s ok to feel not ok at times!

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Best wishes as always.

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