Where’s your ‘go-to’ place where you go & spend your hard earned money to buy coffee, books, computer-ey stuff or clothes?

Each of those shops, websites or businesses will be so familiar to YOU now, that they’ll feel like ‘household’ names.

But they most likely didn’t start their business journey that way.

We can often forget or take for granted the up’s & down’s that those cherished brands have went through …. even before they came into our awareness.

Listen to this super short audio, where you’ll get to see how can be great news for YOU & your business, especially when you’re at the early stages of starting or growing your business or next product or service.

It makes you think doesn’t it?

  • Marks & Spencer started in a penny bazaar in Leeds.
  • Apple didn’t really find their sweet spot until quite some time before they started to rocket.
  • Starbucks didn’t start by having a store in every corner of your local city or town.
  • Subway sandwiches started by a guy who had a desire to make better sandwiches & have now overtaken McDonalds in many parts of the world.
  • Amazon started selling books & now you can get practically anything in that massive online shop delivered straight to your door!
  • Marie Forleo didn’t start with ‘millions’ of subscribers to her blogs & videos.

Remember, everything starts with an idea & then it’s the action, focus, learning & perseverance that helps turn that from just an ‘idea’ into a successful result!

So have been putting extra pressure or stress on yourself by comparing your journey to others who are simply just at a different stage?

Yes from where you’re standing now, they may have it ‘easy’ because they’ve now ‘made it’ – but I’m sure the owners of those businesses would have lots of tales to tell about the moments that they were thinking …. ‘is this every going to work??’.

Right, back to YOU now … share one key insight or action YOU’RE going to do now as a result of what you’ve heard today.

All the best & speak again soon.


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  • Maria

    definitely ramping up the social media activity and blogging 🙂 x

    • Osmaan Sharif

      Good on you Maria 🙂

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