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Feeling stuck is never fun.


In fact, it’s pretty damn frustrating because it’s like you’re in limbo land.


Not moving forward … not totally moving backwards … just not moving anywhere!


But feeling stuck isn’t always doom & gloom or when it seems like everything is going wrong.   At times that could in fact be the case & will need sorted asap, to get things back to a positive state.


But often it’s when things have been going well, you’ve stepped things up, seen progress & results …. but now you’ve stagnated.


‘What’s next?’; ‘Which one of my 4323 ideas do I go with?’; ‘What if it’s not the right one?’; ‘Can I not just ignore this & hope it will all figure itself out?’


Yep, all those thoughts keep whizzing around your head constantly; you’ve got notebooks filled with your ideas; you’ve invested in courses (or paid for but not actually completed); you keep devouring books.


They’ve all helped with given you more information but not the transformation you are wanting & in reality have actually made you even more stuck & confused!


This is the point where most of my business owner clients are at, when they first reach out to ask me for help.  They’re experiencing some form of ‘stuckness’!


And I love getting stuck into helping them get unstuck.


Because it’s only when you’re unstuck & back in motion, that you can figure out the actions & strategies … or the ‘doing’ tasks that are going to make a difference.  As you’ll have an updated ‘map’ & sense of clarity.


So last week, after finishing another ‘unstuck coaching session’ with a client, I was buzzing & decided to fired up my podcast mic to share some of the magic with you.


I hope it helps give you some ideas on how to get out your way in those times when you’re feeling like you’re swimming in a bath of cement.


So have a listen in & you’ll see why you need to consider your challenge from many different ways to really get unstuck.

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