Yes it really is September!  How?!?!  Seriously!?!


My lovely wife Shareen has already started the ‘C’ shopping & we’ve not even been on our ‘summer’ holiday yet!


I was having an interesting conversation with a coaching client on Monday about how I plan ahead & get things done!


So I thought I’d share 8 top tips with you today, as I’m sure some of them could work a treat for you too!


* Get it out of your head & down on paper!  Otherwise you can feel like you’ve got so much to do & can spend more time worrying about not forgetting anything – than actually focusing on doing it.


* Use a mind-map.  Even though I’m more of a detailed kinda guy – lists feel very stuffy & restrictive to me.  Whereas a mind-map let’s me just capture it better & see it in a big picture way too.

mindset & strategies

* Break things down.   If things are too ‘big’ – they can feel overwhelming & like you’d need a long time to do it all.  Instead when you have broken it into more ‘bite sized’ pieces – it’s easier to fit them in & around other activities or ‘meetings’.


* Focus on one thing.  Once you’ve got everything you want to do captured …. then choose to do ONE thing & do it well … before moving on!


* Enjoy ‘ticking’ it off!  I’m sure you agree that it’s one of the best feelings when you go ‘tick’ or score through the completed task.  This also helps you see that you’re making progress … which can lead to more action & more progress!


* Dear diary!  Think about how you use your diary!  I really do ‘live’ by mine!  I schedule the time-bound things that I choose to do in there … like coaching clients sessions, meetings & also dedicated time for working through tasks/projects from my ‘list’!


* Keep the rhythm.  Do similar types of activities or tasks together.  This can help you keep the ‘flow’ going.  There’s nothing more energy zapping than dancing between having your head stuck in an excel spreadsheet;  going onto having a chat with a prospective client; to then doing some creative work;  to then planning your next month or year … all before you’ve even had a cuppa tea!


* To-Do List.  Yep it doesn’t sound that appealing does it?  How about calling it something that actually inspires & motivates you?  I call mine, ‘Things to achieve list’ – it has a different ring to it for!


So which of the above are you going to road test today, to make September a super productive & successful month for you?  Let me know by dropping a quick reply to this e-mail now.


Right I better get on, as I’m going to dedicate some more time today putting the finishing touches to the brand new ‘thing’ that I’m creating for a small group of people over in the world of Rapid Transformation!


I’m excited to be able to share it with you very soon, to see if it could be just the thing that can help you making even quicker & focused progress to starting or growing your business.


If you’d like to get the heads-up about it before everyone else, simply click on this link:

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