‘How do I now take that step – which seems so big & small and exciting & scary at the same time?’, was a question that one of my coaching clients asked me recently.

You see recently she’d gotten to the point where she knew that things had to change because surely she couldn’t be having a ‘bad day’ every single day at work!

She was feeling that dread in her stomach every night before she went to bed; when she woke up the morning during the week and also when the weekend was coming to an end.

She’s been in the same type of role in the same company for over 7 years now and it was just a job that she took to ‘get by’ until she was ready to really forge ahead in her career doing something she was truly passionate about.

It’s been a real pleasure helping her to really discover what she wants; what her skills & talents are; what is important to her in terms of her values around her career and also really taking control of making things happen.

So she’s miles ahead of where she was when we first started our coaching relationship and it’s been wonderful seeing her really come ‘alive’!

With a question like that, guess what part of her journey she is now at? Yep – the actually going for it stage and of course it’s natural for there to be a little ‘aaaggghhh throw me a life jacket please’ and also a few thoughts around how ‘maybe life would be easier for me just to stay where I am and put up with it’.

This is where a lot of people who are going through the journey by themselves could get really stuck. They may just give up completely; push back their dates; bury their heads in the sand; cause lots of other ‘issues’ to distract them from having to act; tell themselves lots of stories about how it’s not the right time just now because of ‘this’ and ‘that’; or even start seeing their current situation through distorted ‘rose tinted glasses’ and think that it’s not all that bad after all! (how long do you think that would last though?!)  

So through the coaching session, I helped her to see what was really going on for her & what she needed – it all boiled down to ‘COURAGE’. 

“Life shrinks and expands in proportion to one’s courage.”

Anais Nin

It takes courage to change things; to put yourself out there to go after what you want; to decide that you aren’t going to settle for an ‘ok’ life or results but instead going for what you really want.

Remember the Lion in the Wizard of Oz?

He followed the yellow brick road to ask the Wizard for some courage – but when he got there, he found out that he was the only one that could tap into the courage that was already inside of him!

It’s exactly the same for you and for me – we just need to harness that courage!

So in order to take that next step, even if it seems big or small; exciting or scary – you need to take action and do it with courage.

You’re never going to know exactly what will happen but at least you won’t be left wondering ‘what if?’

And remember, taking action without first having a clear goal & vision; supportive mindsets & different strategies to use – can also make your courage feel rather scared & timid instead!

She left our coaching session with a clear plan of what she was going to do next and boy has she been taking action!

Until next time, continue to go out there and create Rapid Transformations in your thinking; feelings; actions & results!


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