Feedback Can Be a Gift

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‘Can I give you some feedback?’, were the words that flowed out of my mouth to Shareen, as I was driving her home after we’d just had a fun dinner with some of my school friends.


Her face said it all & then she responded with …. ‘Osmaan … you are not my HR Manager!’


Whenever I hear the word ‘feedback’, I automatically think back to that moment many years ago when we’d just started dating. Luckily (for me), she still married me after it!


Feedback is such an emotive thing, right? Because it’s normally feels very personal.


And as a business owner, we can sometimes shy away from giving feedback to those we’re working with & instead just put up with feeling frustrated when things aren’t going the way you’d like!


It can truly can a gift too … both when you’re on the receiving end & when giving it.


But like in my case, it can go disastrously wrong, even if you’ve got the best intentions … if you deliver it in a not so elegant way.


In this week’s podcast episode, let’s dive into this topic together.


I’ll even share with you the 5 key things that every piece of feedback needs to contain for it to be useful & for you to avoid being physically or verbally slapped back!


Plus, it’s not just about the conversation which admittedly can be awkward for both of you … but what happens after it? That’s where it really matters & can make the difference.


So tune into the episode & you can hear more about the feedback I was giving Shareen & how my school friends still to this day tease me about it at any opportunity they can!

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