Employing Yourself

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My leaving lunch & drinks were done.


I’d said my goodbyes & it was finally time to hand back my laptop, mobile phone & security pass.


That was over 13 years ago, when I stopped being a corporate employee to start my own business.


I remember feeling … ‘this should be quite easy!’.  Because after all I had been excelling in the corporate world & climbing the ladder rapidly there!


Yep a very naïve thought, on reflection!


Because being an employee vs. being the boss … is different in so many ways.


In those first few months & years, my confidence went down & I felt like a fraud at times.  As there was so much that I didn’t know & I didn’t even know that I didn’t know!


But I also unknowingly did something that I often see other ex-corporate turned business owners do.


I started to quickly forget about the skills & experiences that helped me get results in the corporate world, instead of embracing them!


Please don’t do that!


In this week’s podcast episode, I share some of the key things that you may want to dust off & remember from your past career successes so far.


I’m sure it will help you spot opportunities where you can still lean into those experiences & see how they could be used or translated into your own business world now.


So are you really ’employing yourself’ in your business now?

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