Can’t See the Wood From the Trees?

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It’s been all go in our back garden, with another one of my lovely wife’s ‘projects’ being in full swing this week.


The sound of chainsaws has filled the air, as our massive trees have been getting chopped down in height.


As I took a break between coaching calls to see how the things were going, it struck me just how much the trees were actually blocking the sun from flowing into our garden.


But I never realised how much of an issue it was …. until they were done!


It also gave Shareen another … ‘I told you so’ moments & yet again proving that she’s 99.999% right, because I couldn’t see the need for doing it in the first place!


What also struck me was the different approaches Kenny (the tree chopper) was using.  Sometimes chopping small sections away at a time & other times it felts like the whole tree was going to fall down on top of the house!


So in this week’s podcast, I talk more about what we can do when we’re finding it difficult to see the wood from the trees in our business.  Plus why sometimes we need to use different approaches & strategies to get the results we want.


Also, a little reminder for you …..


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Best wishes as always.

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