What are you struggling with this week?

You know that thing that’s taking you ages & keeps getting put back to the bottom of your list!

Is it really going to make a difference to you or your business if you do it?  Is it something that needs to get done (like your tax return!)?  If not then ditch it & move on!

If it will add value & has to happen … then who can you ask to help you with it?

Often the things we find super hard or difficult to grasp,  go against our natural talents & skills.

But guess what, not everybody is like you!

That’s why there’s 8 different Wealth & Talent Dynamics, which can help you see what to really focus on & what you should aim to adding to your ‘get rid of list!’

The things that you hate & want to pull your hair out about … would be a rather enjoyable thing for someone else!

You just need to go & find them!

It could be a friend, someone in your family, a nice person you’ve connected with in the online world – who could help you tackle it.

Maybe you could help them in return with something that they find hard & you find a breeze!

They may not even need to do it all for you, maybe it’s just to help you figure out the really ‘sticky’ part that’s stumped you!

Or you could get professional help to do it!  Yep it costs money but just think about how much further ahead it will get you, instead of attempting to do it all by yourself … and probably not doing it justice anyway!

That’s why my coaching clients work with me when it comes to starting or growing their businesses.  To help them make their life easier & get results fast!


“You can do anything but not everything. ”

David Allen


I’m making it a mission this year to ‘outsource’ as much as I can to those who are so much better at it than me!

Just like my accountant who is busy doing my accounts just now; my web developer who is helping put the finishing touches to the brand new Rapid Transformation website (coming soon – super excited to share it with you) and my graphics guy who’s creating some magic on some new artwork for me.

It doesn’t have to cost an arm & leg either.  There are so many cool resources that are at your fingertips to help you with such things.  Like, Elance or oDesk just to name a few.

So come on … get out there & ask for help today!

Share a quick comment below on one thing that you could do with some help right now.

Speak soon


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