Are Your Past Decisions Negatively Impacting Your Future Ones?

I nearly got strangled, all because of a tub of clotted cream.


What was meant to be a 5-minute trip across the road to Tesco …. ended up taking more than 40 minutes.


Shareen was about to go crazy when she heard the chap on the door … think it was me … but in fact it was our guests who had arrived!


And there she was still in her PJs !  Because whilst I was away, she was frantically running around the place doing some last-minute tidying & also dealing with a ‘poo-nami’ situation with our new-born Zakariya.


So why did I take so long?  Honestly … it wasn’t because I went for a cheeky coffee or to meet a friend.


It was because of the stupid way that I was making bad decision …after bad decision … all in the pursuit of getting the clotted cream.


You can hear me tell the full story in this week’s podcast episode here.


But more importantly, you’ll understand how the type of thinking, is something that you may be also doing when it comes to making decisions in your business.


So give it a listen too, so you can hear recount the tale of this fateful afternoon & to see if I managed to get the clotted cream … or not!?!

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