I nearly went flying straight into the garden pond …. head first!


Because I was in such a rush & actually didn’t know there was a concrete step on the patio.


Luckily my mum grabbed me, so I avoided getting drenched.


But I still remember it to this day, even though it happened when I was like 7 years old.


Does that ever feel like you … always rushing around & wanting to get places FAST?


Last week, one of my clients was at the risk of nearly tripping themselves up by wanting to focus on … ‘what’s next?’ … when in fact, the best strategy for them & their business … was to slow down & refine what they’ve been doing.


Through just one coaching session, we were able to dig deep & see how they could make some small changes that would make a big impact … like having the chance to half their working time, whilst earning double the amount of revenue!


I know it can seem so exciting to move onto the next thing.  But when you do it too quickly, it can actually slow down your business growth rather than speed it up.


I dive into this more in this week’s podcast for you, so you can be sure you don’t trip yourself up by trying to run ahead too quickly, by following some simple yet powerful top tips.


Let me know what connects the most with you from it & where you’ve not seen that you would have benefited more from slowing down … in order to really speed up!

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Best wishes as always.

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