Are you Annoying or Delighting your customers?

Customer service isn’t just something for those ‘big’ companies that have dedicated departments that look after it!

It’s just as important for you & your business!

In this short RT-TV episode see just how easily it can take the shine off something that should be an amazing experience!

So what are you going to do NOW to make sure that you are really WOW-ing your current or potential customers?

As a customer, do you agree that you level of customer service you receive can impact the TRUST that you have in the company or person you do business with?

Let me know what you think & the action you’ll take by sharing a quick comment below.

Have a great day.


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  • Ali Soleil

    Great video Os! So true and I’ve always followed your lead when it comes from this! I remember when you called me a few days after I completed my NLP Prac in 2009 – to check how I was doing after the intense week of training and learning. As a customer it made me feel valued and respected. Thanks Os!

    • Osmaan Sharif

      Thanks Ali 🙂
      It’s bizarre that it so doesn’t feel like nearly 5 years since your NLP Practitioner course!! Still feels like only last month!
      Would be great to catch up soon.

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