Do you want to make ‘Networking’ easier & more effective for you?

I’ll admit that over the past 8 years of growing my own business, going to ‘formal’ networking meetings has never been something I’d jump out of bed for!

But lately, I’ve been going to a lot more of them in Glasgow & have actually been finding them both enjoyable & productive.

I decided to record an audio podcast for you, so you can hear my top 7 practical & down-to-earth tips so you can get even more from these types of opportunities.

You can put these to good use both in ‘face-to-face’ & online/virtual networking …. as the world has certainly become a more connected & ‘smaller’ world now!

During the audio podcast, I share lots of real-life examples & experiences with you, to help bring it all to life!

Here’s a snapshot for you though ….

  1. Arrive early
  2. Listen more & be curious
  3. Be a connector
  4. Be super clear on your WHAT, WHO & WHY!
  5. Less is more
  6. Focus on the long term
  7. The magic is in the follow-up!

Also remember to be YOU!  People ‘buy’ people – so just be real & natural!

“The richest people in the world look for & build networks, everyone else looks for work.”

Robert Kiyosaki

Like always, the beauty comes not from listening, reading or thinking.  It’s WHAT you’re going to do with it that will make the difference & help you enhance your results!

Please take a moment to share the key insights you’ve had & what you’ll do differently next time you’re ‘networking’, in the comments below.

Enjoy the journey of connecting with even more people in a really ‘real’ way!


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