7 hidden business benefits of playing more

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What helps you to ‘switch off’?


Because being a business owner can be all consuming – if we let it. There’s always something to do or think about, right?


Over the years I’ve tried many things to help me relax more & get out of ‘work’ mode.


But guess what really does it for me!




I discovered this form of escapism a few years ago, whilst sprawled across the living room floor playing Lego with our eldest son Kaiyas … it was like magic!


That’s why I treated myself to the best Christmas gift ever … the massive Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Lego set!


And the 6020 piece masterpiece is truly epic & is now taking pride of place on our dining room table at the moment.



Lego isn’t just for kids … honestly.


In fact, there’s 7 key things that I learnt from building this Lego set that I know can help all business owners.


You can hear about them on this week’s podcast episode & see how they help you to get out your way more.


As always, let me know what your biggest take-away is from it.

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P.s. – I feel like I’ve gone Lego daft, as I’ve just noticed that I’ve humming Ed Sheeran’s Lego House song as I’ve been typing this!

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