5 Ways to Keep Your Business Growth Simple

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I opened up a new business bank account in literally 2 minutes, with one of those online ‘challenger’ banks last week.


No long forms to fill in. No paperwork. No long meeting with their banking advisor.


What a contrast to when I opened up my first business account when I started my business back in 2007.


It really reminded me of the power of keeping thing simple as we grow our businesses.


Here’s 5 top tips to help you to do just that ….


1.    What’s your goal?

  • If your new ‘idea’ or opportunity doesn’t fit within your goals (especially 90 day goals), the chances are that it could be a distraction & could risk you overcomplicating your business.


2.    Simple first & then you can get fancy.

  • What’s that new promotion/lead magnet/service/product (seriously this applies to everything) that you’re wanting to get out there … get the first version of it out there in the simplest way possible. The feedback you get will help you decide if it’s working or not. Then you can make it even more fancy, if you need or want.


3.    Less is more

  • One sure fire way to feel overwhelmed, unfocused & to confuse your potential clients, is to be launching to many different things at the same time.
  • Do one thing at a time, so you can really do it justice.


4.    Remember the basics

  • There’s so many ways that we can use technology & get all advanced to help us grow our business, but what’s the point if you’re not even doing the ‘basics’ well.
  • You know like following up on potential leads; delivering on your product or service promises & acing your customer service.
  • Get these working consistently well & in a simple way, before you go more fancy.


5.    What stage are you at?

  • It’s so easy to look at what your peers are doing & suffer from comparison-itis as a result, thinking that you have to do things like them. But are you really comparing the exact same situation or stages of business …. Most likely not, right?
  • So even if you do try to do what they’re doing, the chances are it won’t work as effectively for your business or risk overcomplicating things unnecessary for you.
  • Don’t say I haven’t warned you.


So what’s the biggest tip that you needed reminded of today to help you focus on keeping your focus & action sharp?


Let me know …

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