Be clear on your MISSION

If you feel rather scattered & going off on tangents – maybe you need to check into ‘mission control’. By being super clear on why you’re doing what you do in business, it can help you be focused & [...]

Will you marry me?

Are you scaring your potential customers away by coming on too strong or losing them by shying away? Is it better to go too fast or too slow in a new business relationship? See how the world of [...]

See the bigger picture

See The Bigger Picture When’s the last time rose above all the chaos to see the bigger picture? It helps to make sure you’re on track. Sometimes we need to go up & see the bigger picture, to [...]

Thinking Differently

Think differently .. actually in 6 different ways! We can often get stuck or go around in circles if we over think things, when it comes to starting or growing a business. By over thinking - I [...]

Annoying or Delighting Customers?

Are you Annoying or Delighting your customers? Customer service isn't just something for those 'big' companies that have dedicated departments that look after it! It's just as important for you & [...]

The Someday Illusion

How many times have you heard yourself saying, ‘Someday I’ll get around to doing that’? Today I want to make sure you’re really taking action & focusing on what you can do in the here & now …. [...]

Impact V.S. Effort

Feeling like you’ve got a ton of things to do & not enough time? How do you decide? Check out this short RT-TV episode to see how there is a much smarter way for you to consider what stays; what gets [...]

Do you love your work?

Do You Love Your Work? Every single person has a right to do whatever they choose to for ‘work’ and Love It! Watch out the latest episode of RT-TV to get a feel for how you can DESIGN things [...]

Stop saying that you’ll TRY!

Do you sometimes kid yourself on that you’ll do something – when you know you deep down that it ain’t going to happen? One little word can really make the difference for you! Give yourself 135 [...]

Need to know it all?

Need To Know It All Do you feel the need to ‘know it all’ before even getting off the starting blocks? When you’re starting to do something different, such as a new task; activity; hobby; project; [...]

You’re Fired!

You’re Fired! How would you feel & what’s your gut reaction? The longer you leave not doing anything about it, the more days you’ll be wasting not doing what is right for you. So even if it’s a [...]

So what is NLP?

So What is NLP? It has a funny & somewhat complicated name …. but what is NLP all about? NLP is all about the study of excellence and it helps you to really focus upon the results that you’re [...]

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