Master Class 2: Refresher & Actions

”Embracing your talents & identifying your values”

It was great working with you all again during our 2nd Master Class together.

Similarly to last time, to really help you get the maximum value from us working together, I’ve recorded a short video that recaps what we covered.

This will help you not only refresh & consolidate everything but also get to see what you’ve noticed & done with it since.

There are also some key actions & discussion points that I cover (outlined below), which I’d suggest that you all work on individually & work through during your regular team meetings.

1. Talent Dynamics – For you & the team


  • What are some specific things you can do more of individually to experience more flow?


  • What are some specific things that get you out of flow & you’d ideally like to reduce or stop doing?


  • What ways can you all work smarter together to leverage each other’s talents within the team?

2. Primary purpose of an organisation: Value x Leverage


  • Review the suggestions that you started to come up with during the Master Class & agree which ideas should be taken forward.


  • How can you add even more Value as a team in the Career Centre to the University & students?


  • What ways can you Leverage what you do even more effectively?


  • How can you make even better use of the time you have with the students during your 1-2-1 sessions, so that you’re giving the maximum value to them as possible?

3. What’s important to YOU – Values!:


  • Review your values that you captured & ranked personally.  What values are getting ticked off currently & what ones need some further attention?


  • As a team, what ideas do you have to use these principles & the process, to help students understand what is important to them?


  • Become more aware & listen to how the students share what’s important to them & some of their values during your conversation, or when you ask them a simple question such as, ‘So what’s important to you about your future career?’

Enjoy working closely together to take action.

Remember, the key here is about pushing yourself & others out of their comfort zones & also to positively challenge each other when you hear ‘excuses’ coming up!  Keep on thinking, ‘Are we driving the bus, or being passengers?’.

The biggest impact you can make for yourself, the team, the University & the students – is to keep on empowering yourself to really add as much value & leverage what you do even more effectively.

Please do let me know if you have any questions or if I can help you further to implement these.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all again soon.

All the best.



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