Master Class 1: Refresher & Actions

‘The Power of Your Mind & Raising Your Standards’

Time has certainly been flying by since we met for your first Master Class.

To help you get the maximum value from us working together, I’ve recorded a short video that will take you on a trip down memory lane.

This will help you not only refresh & consolidate what we covered but also get to see what you’ve noticed & done with it since.

There are also some key actions & discussion points that I cover (outlined below), which I’d suggest that you all work on individually & work through during your regular team meetings.

1. Rapid Transformation Formula

& The Instruction Manual of the Mind:


  • How have you seen this brought to life/in action for yourself & in your interactions with students since the Master Class?


  • Where can you use elements of the R.T. Formula to help students see where they have gaps or could do with more focus to help them?


  • From your experience, when you’re helping your students to overcome challenges or give them assistance – how much of their ‘challenges’ are down to their past experiences or beliefs?


  • What ideas do you have to bring these elements to life for your students (in your sessions with them/workshops or resources they can access)?

2. The Power of Words

& Which side are you on?:


  • Where have you been on the ‘Cause’ side – as an individual & team?


  • Where have you been on the ‘Effect’ side – as an individual & team?


  • What are some of the common ‘Effect’ situations that you hear from your students when you’re working with them?


  • How can you help them more easily to move onto the ‘Cause’ side & overcome some of those ‘challenges’?


  • What impact do you think staying on the ‘Effect’ side will have on the students & how can you help them to see that?

3. Goals 

& Raising your Standards in a SMARTER way:


  • Complete the 7 detailed questions from your handout to help you work through a personal or professional goal – so that you can experience it.  Share your key learnings & insights from it with each other.


  • Which questions have you bene using (either purposefully or without consciously realising it) with your students since the first Master Class?


  • Where can you use some or all of these questions more in your sessions with the students or in other ways to help them?

Have fun working together to see how you can continue to put into action what we’ve covered so far.

Please do let me know if you have any questions or if I can help you further to implement these.

I’m looking forward to joining you again soon so we can continue the journey together.

All the best.



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