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R.T. Immersion Weekend

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“I wish you’d lock me away in a room so I can just get things done!”, is something that a client recently said to me.

Do you ever wish that too?  (Don’t worry I wouldn’t throw away the key!)

I know all too well that nothing beats having the time & focused attention to roll up your sleeves & get your teeth stuck into those tasks or ‘things’ that will really help move your business forward!

But other important things in your life can be vying for your time & attention too, am I right?  Whether for you that’s your kids; your partner; your current job or any of the other plates you’re constantly spinning!

That’s why I decided that I’d love to help you to help yourself!

So if you fancy being whisked away for a weekend at the end of this month, so you can really get s%@t done, whilst also getting help from myself & other like-minded individuals …. then continue to read on!

What can you expect?

This isn’t going to be a training workshop, where you’ll sit & take lots of notes to add to your ever growing ‘to-do’ list!

Instead it’s an ACTION -focused weekend, where you’ll actually get to both plan & implement the next steps needed, so you can start or grow your business!

That’s why it’s called an immersion weekend!

The fun begins even before you arrive on Saturday morning, as you’ll have already started to think about what the best use of the time & the available support will be for you!

We’ll kick off by giving you some to meet & get to know your fellow entrepreneurs and business owners over some tea & coffee.  There’ll be a maximum of 8 people joining us, so you get the attention & support you deserve.

You’ll then get to openly share what you’re committing to do & achieve over the next 2 days (with all of our help of course).

Then it will be time for you to get cracking & take action!

It doesn’t matter what your business is or the stage you’re currently at … even if you’re still working in a job or career whilst growing it!

The only thing that is important is that you’re the type of person who knows what you want & are prepared to not just think about it anymore but actually do what needs to be done to make it happen!

What are some things you could focus on?

(Here are just a few suggestions …)

  • Get even clearer about who your ideal client or customer is?
  • Create or revamp your branding!
  • Writing content for your website or marketing materials.
  • Craft a value-filled free give-away/e-Book.
  • Spend time really working through your ‘numbers’!
  • Plan the details of your next promotion!
  • Fine tune the services & products that your customers will love!
  • Refine your ‘pitch’ or how you talk about your business.
  • Organise an event or webinar
  • Reach out & connect with previous or new clients!

You can choose what will be best for YOU & YOUR business!

Will I be left to it all by myself?

Of course not!

A good way to picture the weekend is as if you’ve got a ticket to an ‘open-top’ tour bus & you’re on that journey with some awesome fellow passengers!

At points you may want to jump off the bus & spend time at one stop, whilst the others are stopping off somewhere else!

That’s the beauty of the way this weekend is designed – it will be unique for you!

There’ll be lots of opportunities for you to get your head down & get what you need done!  But there’ll also be plenty of chances for you to work in pairs or in small groups –  to get feedback, ask questions or suggestions to help you move things forward & stop yourself from going around in a ‘cul-de-sac’ if you get stuck!

This is where you’ll truly benefit from the ‘Mastermind’ element of the weekend!

As Napolen Hill talks about in his famous book, ‘Think & Grow Rich’, a Mastermind is “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

Everyone in the room will have so much value to share with each other!  I’m sure many will also help give you ‘nuggets’ of wisdom, ideas or wisdom, that you haven’t seen or considered!  You’ll also get to play to each other’s Talent Dynamics profiles during the weekend & get help from those who love the things that you shy away from!

Your ‘Tour Guides’ for the weekend!

life coach

During the whole weekend you’ll have me there as your Coach (or ‘Tour Guide’), where I’ll help you work in anyway that I can!  I’ll give you suggestions & feedback based upon my own learning & experience of having grown my business over the past 8 years & from helping my clients do the same too!

But you won’t just have me there because I’m bringing in a fellow business owner & good friend of mine, Sam Dounis, who will be my ‘Co-Pilot’ for the weekend!

Over the past few years, Sam & I have worked closely together to help keep each other ‘sane’ while growing our own businesses & act as sounding boards for each other!   We work well together, as we both left the corporate world of finance to embark upon our entrepreneurial journeys!  (She was also one of my star NLP Master Practitioner students!)

We’re the complete opposite Talent Dynamics profile from each other, so you’ll get to have our different perspectives & ways of thinking …. to help you overcome your challenges or make the most out of the opportunities that lay ahead for you!

Sam Dounis

Learning Sessions

There’s some key topics & learnings that I’m sure will help you all in each of your businesses!

So during the 2 days, I’ve planned for some time where you can ‘hop-off’ the bus to join short & snappy informal learning sessions on a few topics!  (Remember it’s not going to be a formal training course!)

These will all centre around the Rapid Transformation Formula – so you can be sure that you’ve got your DESIGN, MINDSETS & STRATEGIES working for you!

Some of the topics/’attractions’ will be:

  • How to unblock blocks to flow using Talent Dynamics!
  • What is the ‘promise’ that drives you & your business forward?
  • Ways to get your creative juices flowing to generate lots of new ideas!
  • The structure & ways to continually add value to clients/customers!
  • How to really engage with your ideal customers through the content you create!  (Led by Sam Dounis)
  • Further sessions will be added & based on what you tell me you need help with!

Remember you can choose to join the sessions that will give you most value or continue to keep yourself productive on what you’re working on during that time!

‘The Hot Seat’

On Sunday, there’ll be an optional (but highly recommended) session where you’ll each get to have time on the ‘hot seat’ & get help from us as a group!

You can choose to use this in whatever way will help you the most!

You may want to share where you’ve gotten to with something you’ve been working on over the weekend, brainstorm ways to help you reach out to your ideal clients or give us a preview of your ‘pitch’ & get feedback!

You’ll not only get to help yourself & your business when it’s your turn in the ‘hot seat’, but I promise you’ll learn just as much when you’re helping others during their turn!

Will it be all ‘work’ & no ‘play’?

The first rule of being your own boss & an entrepreneur, is that you’re allowed to work hard & play hard!

So there will be lots of time during the day for fun & getting to know each other!

Often the being your own boss can be a bit lonely, especially as those around you may not ‘get it’, so you stop yourself from talking to them about your goals, visions & why you’re on this journey!

I know that you’ll have a ball surrounding yourself with your fellow like-minded business owners during the weekend.  I’m sure that it may even be the starting point for some really strong networking & collaborations for everyone too!

After a day of focused working, we’ll all then get to un-wind & have dinner together in the hotel too!  (Of course, you’re welcome to keep on working after dinner if you’re on a roll!) 

I purposefully chose to have the weekend as a residential, so that you’re not leaving to go back home to make the dinner, be the ‘taxi’ or get the washing on!

The hotel is a lovely place where it truly feels like you’re away from the hustle & bustle of daily life, where you get to focus on YOU!

You also get to use the leisure facilities including the swimming pool … what more can you ask for?

Where is the hotel?

immersion weekend

The Gleddoch House Golf Hotel and Spa sits within 360 acres with spectacular views over the River Clyde, Ben Lomond and the rolling Renfrewshire hills.

Even though it feels a million miles from civilisation, it is well-connected, with Glasgow airport and main road links all within easy driving distance.

  • Glasgow airport, 9.5 miles
  • Glasgow, 19 miles
  • Langbank train station, 1.3 miles

What’s included for you?

  • Coaching, mentoring & support from both myself & Sam throughout the 2 days.
  • Access to the informal ‘learning sessions’.
  • Time in the ‘hot seat’ focused on you & your business.
  • The opportunity to meet & work with up to 7 other business owners.
  • Overnight accommodation in your own en-suite hotel room.
  • Complimentary access to the leisure facilities
  • Tea & Coffee throughout each day.
  • Lunch on both days.
  • 3 course dinner on Saturday night.
  • Breakfast on Sunday morning.

What’s not included: Travel costs & drinks during dinner

immersion weekend
immersion weekend
immersion weekend

The investment for you!

The total investment for you for the Rapid Transformation Immersion Weekend is only £347!


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