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This is for you, if you feel you’re …….

  • Stuck at a ‘crossroads’ & battling between the different voices in your head that are making everything seem so confusing!
  • Not making progress or even worse feeling like you’re going backwards – because you are struggling to make a decision?
  • Unclear what you want to do – you’ve got loads of ideas but not sure what to focus on?
  • You can’t stop procrastinating & putting things off – so you are in that vicious cycle of things feeling like they are harder than they need to be!
  • Scared to take action – because of all the ‘WHAT IFs’ & gosh it will mean stepping out of your comfort zones!


What is a ‘Getting Un-Stuck’ session?

Well it’s where we get together – just you & me – on the phone, Skype/Facetime or in my office in Glasgow, to crack through your bugging challenge or problem that you want to tackle once & for all!

The session will be laser-focused, quick and fast-paced, so that it makes an immediate impact for you and kick-starts you in moving forward rapidly.

I’ll help you really get under the skin of your challenge & to figure out what you can do to turn things around – by helping see which of the 3 key area(s) for success are out of sync currently!

So how will we do it?

Well it’s pretty simple.

It will be You & Me!

1 hour 30mins ‘Getting Un-Stuck’ session – totally action-focused!  i.e. – it’s not a moaning session; dwelling on the past or tip-toeing around things!

We’ll both be prepared for it!  Before we get on the call – I’ll send you some questions & mini-tasks to complete & send back to me!

I’ll then spend time really going through them in detail – getting a handle on how things are for you & really dissecting it all.

This means that we can get straight to work on the call & get the clarity that you’re after.

We’ll use some of the NLP; Creating Your Future™ Coaching Processes & Talent Dynamics principles  & I’ll be your ‘tour guide’ – so you get to just focus upon benefiting from them!

So what’s next?

 You can snap up your ‘Getting Un-Stuck’ package for only £147 by booking your spot through the order form below!

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