The next 90 Day Mastermind will be starting in October 2020

Register below to find out all the details & be the first to hear when the doors are opening

The next 90 Day Mastermind will be starting in October 2020

Register below to find out all the details & be the first to hear when the doors are opening

“I was lacking focus and felt ‘stuck’, the Mastermind and in particular the support I had from Osmaan changed my mindset without it being forced upon me but instead by opening my eyes to the opportunities with my business.

Having the space to focus on my business during the mastermind process was invaluable.

I particularly enjoyed sharing my experience with other business owners, their advice and experience was also invaluable.

I would recommend Osmaan and the mastermind if you need that space from running your business, it really can provide clarity and help you get unstuck.

Osmaan is a pleasure to work with and you feel like he is continually championing you to achieve what you want to.  I will always be grateful for his support and honesty.”

Gemma Baxter

“For me the Mastermind has been so much more than I imagined it would be.

I expected it to be a bit of a coaching group that would help me focus on achieving a particular goal.

Instead I found the confidence to change my path, the support to keep me on it, and people to gently challenge me when I sought distractions from it.

I found people who invested emotionally in me and my goal, and genuinely cared that I met it.

I’m very good at setting out what I want to be held accountable for, and then forgetting what it was I said the very next day.

This group has given me a level of accountability I’ve never had before, and because my goal was set so clearly from the start, it’s been easy to see what’s part of meeting that goal and what’s a distraction.

As well as support from the group, Osmaan’s management of the group has really made the experience special.  His guidance and leadership throughout the 90 days has been fantastic.

From the set-up day at the beginning, through the weekly check-ins, the ‘live’ day, and the virtual hot seats, everything has been designed to help us understand and realise our goals.

And then of course there’s the bonus that if you need to talk things through, you have 1-2-1 time with Osmaan.  I found that invaluable when I was suffering from imposter syndrome or just needed to work something through.”

Sam Dounis

“The Rapid Transformation 90 day Mastermind has opened another level of accountability/business support and encouragement that I was badly in search of.

With a very disjointed idea of what I thought I wanted to focus on initially it has provided me with clarity, direction, focus and above all support to my business.

With the advice and guidance from Osmaan in addition to the wider team the future is now much clearer.

I look forward to my next Mastermind and in growing the relationships already formed as a result.  Many thanks.”

Bruce Bowyer

“Working with Osmaan has revolutionised my business.

Why? Because he guided me to make better choices and get out of my own way.

Without Osmaan’s guidance and coaching I could have missed out on the biggest, most lucrative shift in my business I’ve ever experienced and for that reason I’ll be eternally grateful.

The fact Osmaan has been my personal business coaching for over two years, I turn to him to help me make major business decisions and am on my fourth Rapid Transformation 90 day Mastermind programme lead by him speaks volumes about the level of trust and faith I have in him.

During the 90 days I noticed that I was not so scattergun.

I was more focused & kept coming back to my goals.  90 days is just right.  I knew what I needed to do.

What I liked the most was the quality inputs from the group, the sense of being part of a gang and not alone, support & accountability.”

Jenny Plant

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