High Impact & Low Effort

Feeling like you’ve got a ton of things to do & not enough time?

How do you decide?

Just shut up, get your head down & hope you’ll get it all done somehow?

Avoid the pain of even thinking about it by doing something else … (oh my desk could do with a good tidy just now …. *procrastination alarm bell!*)?

Start at the top of your ‘to-do’ list & just take things in the order that you wrote them?

Options, options & options!

Watch this short RT-TV episode to see how there is a much smarter way for you to consider – what stays; what gets done now & what goes!

Here’s a preview of what I share inside the video:

  • Not everything will make a difference for you or your business!
  • Focus on the those things that will have a HIGH IMPACT!
  • Some tasks will take time & high EFFORT, while others will be low EFFORT!
  • Planning is key to getting major projects done!
  • 20% of what you do often gets 80% of the results!
  • Some things should just not be done (or by you at least!)

Over to you now, now that you’ve watched the video (you did watch it didn’t you?  It will have a High Impact & Low Effort … so will be a quick win … I promise!), what are you going to choose to do & not do?

Drop me a quick comment below & share what your focus will be on today & this week.

I look forward to sharing even more with you again real soon.


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