Welcome inside  ….

Let’s discover your

Entrepreneurial Superpower,

so you can rapidly grow your network marketing business!

Begin now by watching the video 

& taking advantage of the special ‘Get Out Your Way’ opportunity below.

Welcome inside ….

Let’s discover your Entrepreneurial Superpower,

so you can rapidly grow your network marketing business!

Begin now by watching the video 

& taking advantage of the special ‘Get Out Your Way’ opportunity below.

Welcome inside  …

Let’s discover your Entrepreneurial Superpower,

so you can rapidly grow your network marketing business!

Begin now by watching the video 

& taking advantage of the special ‘Get Out Your Way’ opportunity below.


A very big & warm welcome to you!

I’m sure you’ve now seen just how important it is to have your DESIGN, MINDSET & STRATEGIES working for you, to help you rapidly grow your network marketing business.

But when you combine this knowing what your Entrepreneurial Superpower is, it’s truly a winning combination!

As a valued member of  the ‘Get Out Your Way’ online training course community, you can complete the online Wealth Dynamics profile test & then also access a 1-2-1 CALL WITH ME & ADDITIONAL BONUS materials where I’ll help you bring it all to life even more!

Enter WDGOYW in the promo code field on the order form to get a 20% discount & qualify for the 1-2-1 debrief call.

From using Wealth Dynamics both personally & with all my clients for the past 7 years, I know you’ll get so much value from completing the test & seeing how it can help you increase the levels of flow in your business!

Best wishes & to your continued success.

business coach

 See what impact Wealth Dynamics has had on these entrepreneurs …

Lesley Collins


Ian Barclay


Amy Mitchell


Sarah Barr

  • “Identifying my Wealth Dynamics profile with Osmaan has helped me

    figure out whereI was stuck in my business & look at the answers I needed,

    in order to move my business forward to grow it.”

    Leanne Lawson
    Leanne Lawson
  • "I learnt that I’m in my best flow when I’m designing new ideas & thinking about the ‘What’ aspects of my business.

    I really used that to get myself off the ground, to start designing my services and branding and that’s been really helpful.

    I think that if I hadn’t have had that, I’d have been stuck on the ‘How’ side of the square, bogged down in tiny details and never actually getting anything done.”

    Lisa Russell
    Lisa Russell
  • “It’s like a map - it’s more than a tool.

    It’s helped me to understand my talents, my strengths .. how to get from where I am to where I want to go.

    It’s something that whenever I get confused or a little bit lost, I can always pull back to that & it will help put me back on track.”

    Diane Leigh
    Diane Leigh
  • “I was trying to work on areas that I shouldn’t be working on.

    It’s allowed me to identify where I was going wrong & it’s provided greater clarity for me.

    It proved that I was in the wrong job & has motivated me to follow my dreams.”

    Stephen Elliott
    Stephen Elliott
  • "I finally understood what it is that's been feeling disconnected.

    I've been doing what I love to do, writing, but part of it is a disconnect because I'm providing a service; whereas total flow for me is creating a product.

    This was like a flash of understanding and created a real shift for me."

    Sam Dounis
    Sam Dounis





Inside your Wealth Dynamics report, you’ll discover …. 

  • If you’re more aligned with the Creator, Star, Supporter, Deal Maker, Trader, Accumulator, Lord or Mechanic Superpower.
  • Your talent frequency breakdown – across the 8 different Entrepreneurial Superpower profiles.
  • Your primary Superpower profile in detail:
    • Your areas of strengths & challenges.
    • Where you’d get your successes & where you’d struggle.
    • The best & worst activities for you in a team.
    • The best & worst activities in the business or workplace.
    • The best operating environments for your profile.
  • An overview of your secondary Superpower & how they could support you.
  • Who would be the best people to role model for you based upon your Superpower!
  • Insights into the Wealth Dynamics Square & the origins of Wealth Dynamics.
  • Overview of the 8 different Superpower profiles & the 5 Talent Frequencies.
  • Leadership styles for each Superpower.
  • How team roles & cycles can be aligned to your Superpower.
  • Ultimately, it will help you to see what you should be doing more of & less of, so you can really maximise whatever you do going forward to grow your business.
  • "The last few years, with growth in the business, I have had to wear many more hats than I am suitably qualified for.

    This is why I decided to take the Wealth Dynamics assessment with Osmaan and look at where my energy better lies for more flow in our business.

    Low and behold, I came out as a Star which basically means I am most suited to driving the business front end visibly.

    Osmaan’s session was very enlightening, not only does he give a clear explanation of one’s characteristics when in flow,

    but he was able to investigate where I am at with everything right now and help guide me out of a tight space."

    Sunita Passi
    Sunita Passi
  • I know what my strengths are now, so I can just concentrate on playing to those. "

    Susie Jones
    Susie Jones
  • “The impact of knowing my Wealth Dynamics profile has given me an opportunity to really get into flow

    & to focus on what I really enjoy,

    rather than be a ‘jack of all trades’, which is something I’m very well known for.”

    Emma Hadley
    Emma Hadley
  • “It was really valuable for me to know my Wealth Dynamics profile.

    It was like a lightbulb moment, to understand there was a system out there to identify all the different profiles that people have.”

    Alan Manson
    Alan Manson
  • "It has opened the door to a new way of structuring my business.
    Giving me more structure and something to follow.
    A way to move forward in my business.
    I remember hearing about Wealth Dynamics before and although it sounded ok at the time,
    I didn’t realise how much Wealth Dynamics is an essential tool to have.”
    Susanna Balston
    Susanna Balston

You can complete your Wealth Dynamics profile test today for only £49





when you order your Wealth Dynamics profile test here, I’ll also share a video replay of a keynote session that I was invited to deliver recently at the Expert Success Summit.

During this 1 hour 20 minute session, I dive even deeper into the 8 Entrepreneurial Superpowers, with specific examples from clients that I’ve worked with & other entrepreneurs who’ve started their business after having left the corporate or ‘traditional’ working world before.

I also bring to life how to look at your business in a different way; the winning team formula using Wealth Dynamics & how to use the system to help overcome blocks when you’re not in flow!

Karen Wojciechowski


Debashish Das


Maria Birkmyre


Andrew Whitfield

  • “I was very impressed by the way the connection has been made with the profile,

    which I was understanding as a personal profile & the use of that profile in my business.”

    James Keegan
    James Keegan
  • "I realised that I can just focus on the thing I am brilliant at and that there are other people with different Wealth Dynamics profiles

    who can do the things I'm not so good at and don't enjoy.

    This sounds so simple but has completely opened up my eyes to what I could do now and how I can shape my work to suit me.”

    Nina Lenton
    Nina Lenton
  • “The penny dropped even more for me regarding my Wealth Dynamics profile -

    how to play to my strengths and what potential pitfalls to watch out for when planning my work day and week.”

    Molly Cameron
    Molly Cameron
  • "I discovered that I am a lot more creative than I thought, and that I am easily distracted by 'boring' and 'technical' things.

    Highlighting these high's and lows has enabled me to use my time much more effectively and structure a business model around it."

    Louise Ktoris
    Louise Ktoris

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