Why your Design, Mindset & Strategies matter!

You’ve gotten the results to the Get Out Your Way quiz.  But what does it really mean?

In this short podcast episode, I go through each of the Design, Mindset & Strategies elements for you.

It will help you to identify practical ways that you can either improve each of these areas or ensure that you keep them in tip-top condition.

Top tip: Focus first on the area that you had the lowest % score in!

If you haven’t already booked in for your free 15 minute chat with me, you can still do that now.

This will give us the chance to really personalise your results for you & your business, over a ‘Virtual Cuppa’.

Enjoy the rest of your day & speak soon!


“I confidently increased my prices by 3.5x & I totally smashed my challenging goals.

Your coaching has helped me to achieve so many big wins this past year & set things up in my business that will help it continue to grow even further.

Thank you so much for the support & being in my corner.  You rock Osmaan!”

Logan Elliott

“Osmaan absolutely changed the trajectory of my business.

Before working with Osmaan, I couldn’t understand why some things in my business were completely draining and why others felt completely in flow.”

Amy Mitchell

“What makes working with Osmaan stand out for me is his ability to provide really efficient and clear tools, along with his warm, personal and insightful style.

As an entrepreneur who was feeling stuck, Osmaan helped me to quickly prioritise which areas to work on first, and then we moved into action.

I experienced breakthroughs in a very short period of time, and felt encouraged and energised by the process, and ready to follow through.

Osmaan’s approach before and after the process are also thoughtful and personal.”

Caroline D’Silva

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