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It’s good to talk … so here’s all the ways that you can reach out to me 🙂

I really get how frustrating it is when things aren’t going exactly the way you’d like or even expected.

You’re putting in so much effort trying to figure things out & trying to make changes.  But still no matter how many books you’re reading; courses you’re buying; podcasts & videos you’re consuming, notebooks you’re filling, you’re just going around in circles & feeling even more confused & frustrated, right?

I don’t want that for you & know you’re sick & tired of it too.

So let’s have a chat, as I’d love to hear more about your business & together dig into what your current opportunities & challenges are.

I promise you’ll leave with real clarity on where exactly you need to Get Out Your Way & understanding which of the elements of my trusted Rapid Transformation Formula™: ‘Design’+ ‘Mindset’+ ‘Strategies’ = Results, would be best for you to sort out first!

So book in for your free virtual cuppa & then grab yourself your favourite drink for when we get to have a real 2-way conversation.

You can send an owl to:

Osmaan Sharif

Rapid Transformation

272 Bath Street


G2 4JR

You can buzz or text me on:

+44 7968 312430

+44 141 412 6123

Here’s where I also ‘hang’ out …

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