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“Teamwork makes the dream work”,

was a great quote said a long time ago by a wise person!

I totally agree … but only if you have got the team working well together … otherwise it can be a recipe for disaster!

That’s why I love working with individuals who are part of a business or team too.  They get to focus on how they add value by playing to their talents & strengths, while making sure they everyone & the business is moving in the right direction!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a very small team & starting your business, or if there are lots of you in the team, as everything I do with teams is very tailored to what YOU all need!


Looking to grow & develop your team?

The Big Picture

I’ve had the pleasure of working with many teams & businesses over the past 10 years to help them grow & develop.

Everything I share with them still underpins The Rapid Transformation Formula™, so you all have a DESIGN + MINDSETS + STRATEGIES working for you!

Whether it’s for a ‘one-off’ workshop, speaker session, online workshop, event or a series of development workshops, I’ll help you create a Rapid Transformation!

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I’m proud to have worked closely with a number of amazing teams

Over the past decade, I’ve delivered workshops & speakers sessions for:

Arbonne UK Head Office – District Manager development day

Arbonne Independent Consultants team events

Expert Success Summit

Spaces Works business events

Young Enterprise Scotland / Bridge to Business

ACN team development day

Progressive Property Network

B2B Club

Various corporate teams ( including Morgan Stanley; HSBC; CitizenM; NHS; Lloyds Banking Group)

Everything is based upon what YOU need!

As an overview, I’ve got lots of experience in …..

  • Facilitating business & team ‘away days’ with a real difference, using Talent Dynamics!
  • Helping you stop, focus & set your business strategy & actions for the next month; quarter or year!
  • Develop core skills within your team, such as communication & influencing skills; leadership & development; increasing confidence; presenting with impact; sales & managing yourself & others!
  • Working as part of a talent or development programme, to help make sure that everyone pushes themselves out of their comfort zones & achieve even more than they can even imagine is possible for them!
  • Bringing the toolkit of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Talent Dynamics into your teams in a very practical, business focused & grounded way!
  • Sharing quick & impactful Rapid Transformation speaker sessions, as part of your team meetings or business conferences.
  • Bringing virtual or ‘independent’ teams of business owners to help them grow their businesses using essential skills & tools.
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“I approached Osmaan Sharif at Rapid Transformation because of his tailored approach to training.

CitizenM has a unique business model and team empowerment is key.

Osmaan worked with the team on a very personal level and made the training very relevant.

It was a real awakening for the attendees to see how they each support one another based on their profiles.

We came away from the day with real goals and areas for focus and having learned a lot.

Since the training day, we have refreshed individual tasks based on profiles and the team harmony is better than ever.

I can also use the training day as a starting point for developing each manager.

We will work with Osmaan again and are already using him for some individual leadership training at citizenM.

Amanda Rennie – General Manager, Glasgow


  • "I asked Osmaan for help to improve my focus on the important aspects of my network marketing business, which would result in me being more productive to help my team as much as possible.

    I indeed made my promotion on time and soon will make another.

    Without his help I would be stuck in the rut I was in and so I will continue to work with Osmaan on an ongoing basis.

    I would recommend him to anyone."

    Garry Thomson
    Garry Thomson
  • "Setting goals and direction sounds a bit cliched but that was the starting point that I needed to bring clarity to where I wanted to end up.

    With an overview and true understanding of my personality as well as a clear list of my objectives, working with Osmaan has brought an essential level of clarity and focus to the journey.

    Just having the advice and support of someone who understands your business objectives and how they relate to your personal objectives is priceless.

    I would, and have already recommended a number of my friends and associates to use Rapid Transformation even if just as a first step towards understanding or clarifying your life and work goals."

    Gordon Bain
    Gordon Bain
  • "His apparently boundless energy and enthusiasm for the comprehensive benefits of NLP for individuals and organisations alike, is both infectious and inspirational.

    As a generally quite skeptical and cautious assessor of the described benefits of any service, I found that my expectations were greatly exceeded.

    Indeed, the additional unforeseen value I obtained from the course, in terms of insight gained on a personal level was truly amazing!

    I therefore would have no hesitation in recommending Osmaan's services to any individual or organisation. To sum up, he definitely does not over promise and under deliver, in any aspect of his offering."

    Jim O'Rouke
    Jim O'Rouke
  • "Just one Unstuck chat with Osmaan, to get more from my Talent Dynamics profile, and already his ideas were prompting big 'Ah-ha' moments, as the pieces began to fall into place.

    Enlightening and effective, it was impossible not to take immediate action! Thank you Osmaan."

    Diane Leigh
    Diane Leigh
  • "My Talent Dynamics profile has provided me with some real insight into who I am and where my full potential lies.

    Through higher education, work and the media we are exposed to all manner of profile tools purporting to shine light on your innermost workings.

    For me, the TD torch is unquestionably the tool that has shone the brightest light.

    My next steps are to take the framework and use it to shape my current role and to open up my mind to the possibilities of roles to come.

    Thanks Osmaan!"

    Adam Stage
    Adam Stage
  • An amazing life changing experience both from a personal & career development point of view.

    A truly professional & knowledgeable company, who demonstrated this time & time again again with the challenges the delegates presented to Osmaan for help with.”

    Debbie Grayson
    Debbie Grayson
  • “Experience of different tools & techniques has enabled me to see how I can make a difference in the workplace & at home.

    Fantastic course which has raised my awareness, run professionally & effectively. Well done!”

    Andrea Burgess
    Andrea Burgess

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