Protect & nurture your goals

How much are you protecting & nurturing your goals?

Put into action these 3 top strategies so you can help them grow & become real!

Listen to me talk you through how to make this happen now by clicking ‘play’ below.

It doesn’t matter what  you call them – goals/dreams/outcomes/vision – the important thing is what you do with them!

They shape so much of what you do & achieve each day, so I’m sure you’ll agree that there is no point at all in setting them, if you aren’t going to look after and protect them!

If you really make them truly personal – you’ll see them as being an extension of you – just like a baby – your own flesh & blood.

Would you ever let anyone say anything horrible or nasty about your baby (or loved one/partner)?  Even worse, would you purposefully allow the to breathe nasty germs all over your baby?  Of course you wouldn’t, as I’m sure you’d do everything in your power to keep your baby safe!

Well as your goals is like your ‘baby’ – how about you look after it in the same sort of way?  Give it some real TLC (tender loving care) & watch it grow up (while becoming proud as punch!)

So here are my THREE TOP TIPS to help you protect & nurture your goals:


Make sure you only talk about your goals with those who really support & encourage you.  Otherwise, you may be putting your goals in a vulnerable position, by them exposed to hearing others tell you that it’s not going to work or you’re mad to be going after whatever you are choosing!

Remember, even if they have your best intentions in their heart and may just want to protect you from getting hurt; disappointed or having to deal with setbacks – anything less than 100% support isn’t helpful to you!  Think about it … do they really know what is good FOR YOU?

So be sure to think about who you want to be part of your inner circle – who really are going to support you; cheer you on; keep you focused & help you make your goals come alive.  (You wouldn’t just leave your ‘baby’ with anyone now would you?!?)

This reminds me of the words of wisdom that Christopher Gardner (played by Will Smith) gives his son in the movie ‘The Pursuit of Happyness':


“Don’t ever let someone tell you, you can’t do something.  Not even me.  All right?

You got to dream.   You got to protect it.

People can’t do something themselves, they want to tell you that you can’t do it. 

If you want something – go get it.  Period!”

 Christopher Gardner


Creating your goal is just the start (sometimes the easiest part) – as after that you need to look after them constantly.   (Just like how you need to feed, nourish, shelter, cloth & look after a real baby 24/7!)

So make sure you spend quality time with your ‘baby’ & take action every single day.  Even when you’re feeling tired, too busy or have other things on your mind …. you’re still responsible for it & it’s relying on YOU & ONLY YOU to keep it alive, stimulated & company!



I’m sure that every single day there will be so many new things to do & experience to get you from where you are and towards where you want to be!  Many of those things will be outside your comfort zone & you may be scratching your head at times and thinking ‘How do I even do it!?!?!’

Even if you don’t know the HOW – that’s ok!  As that’s totally natural and with ever single step you take (whether it’s a small step or massive leap), you will be learning as you go.  There may be some trips and spills along the way – but that’s what makes it an adventure hey?

I’m experiencing this first hand at the moment with our son now 18 months old & seeing him grow up so so fast & I still think – ‘HOW DID HE EVEN KNOW HO

  • Cathy sweeney

    Hi thank you for you insight I have read thinks you have say and how time has gone by since first doing N L P and how I have let My goals subside and be take over by my lack of trust in my own ability Thank You again

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