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I’m Osmaan and I’m all about helping YOU create Rapid Transformations!

I’m one of those people who love what I do – honestly who can blame me though!  As day in & day out, I get to work with people like you and be like your personal tour guide, to help you navigate through challenges & seize the opportunities that are out there (but can often be ‘invisible’ to you).

I do this by helping you to become a master of YOU and to stop you from sabotaging your success – by ensuring that you get your DESIGN, MINDSETS & STRATEGIES in tip-top condition!

I fundamentally believe that you deserve to really go after your dreams and not let ‘the norm’ be ‘your norm’!  I also know that many people don’t realise how easy it can be to make big or small changes in the right direction, which are fast, effective & sustainable – when they use the right tools to help them!  So that’s my job & what I’m totally passionate about!

So how about some of it for you?


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Well let me give you a real high-level insight into what got me to where I am today! I don’t have a sob-story about how my life was going downhill & I broke through the challenges using my newly founded super powers!

Far from it actually.  I was one of these guys who from a young age, had my ‘dreams’ mapped out (well that’s what I thought anyway!)  I did the whole school thing & got grades that I was proud of.  Then left school a year early to go to university to study Business & Management, while also working part-time jobs so I could earn some money and also start to climbing the ‘corporate ladder’!

I graduated and then it was time to get out there in the big, wide world & get my first ‘proper’ job.

My first port of call was on the Marks & Spencer’s graduate programme, where I trained to be a Human Resource Manager (I loved helping people – so it felt like a logical choice!) 

I worked hard, earned my stripes & even managed to skip a whole rung in the ‘corporate ladder’ to end up becoming the HR Manager of one of the top 13 stores in the UK within 12 months!

But quickly, I realised that what I thought was my ‘ideal’ job – wasn’t quite what I thought it would be!  It actually felt really unsettling, when I’d walk into work and think‘Is this it?’ and I really couldn’t imagine doing that role for years to come!

I loved all the parts about developing our colleagues and teams, however the endless disciplinaries; grievances; absence management & payroll activities – well left me feeling rather ‘blah’!



It was during this time, when my boss mentioned 3 little letters to me ‘NLP’ and I never quite knew what impact that conversation would have on me!

I was then ‘lucky’ to finish off my time in Marks & Spencer’s in a role that was so much more me – a Regional Training Manager – looking after all the training, development & coaching activities for 28 stores!

It was then time for a change and I went into the banking world and joined Lloyds TSB on a leadership programme!  I loved my time here, as I got to live and work in London and develop myself in so may ways too!

My tie wearing days!

My tie wearing days!

But it still wasn’t feeling like ‘WOW’ – even though it ‘SHOULD’ have – as I was doing really well & had so many fantastic opportunities at my feet!  I began to think – ‘Osmaan – will you ever be happy!!’

Those 3 little letters ‘NLP’ popped back into my mind, when I was able to choose to go on a Certified NLP Practitioner course – to help me develop even further professionally & also personally!



I don’t say it lightly but going on that NLP Practitioner course – certainly changed the direction of my life!

I never quite realised how much we as humans – just operate on ‘auto-pilot’ on a daily basis and work like ‘robots’.  I was blown away about how there were simple tools, techniques & approaches out there, which could actually change these things and quickly too!

Learning NLP helped me to really look at things, including my career and working life differently.  I got to finally understand what was important to me; how to set goals in a way that was more ‘connected’ to me & also to break lots of habits and beliefs that were holding me back!  These included, thinking ‘I wasn’t good enough compared to my peers’; ‘I wasn’t a creative person’; ‘I was rubbish with all things to do with numbers’ … to name just a few!

I went back to the office a very different young man and everyone around me noticed it too (in a positive way)!  I was able to use my new found NLP tools continuously in my everyday roles and was amazed at the difference it was making to my levels of confidence; relationships & ultimately the results I was getting.

I was able to also help coach my team & colleagues by using the NLP tools, to help them to get over limiting beliefs; get rid of phobias of presentations & break habits that weren’t serving them.  I actually got the nickname, ‘The Wizard of Os”!

The only challenge was that I was loving seeing the results & I got a real buzz from helping people to also experience it …. so I had a decision to make!



I had found something that I was really passionate about … helping people like you to benefit from cutting edge coaching tools that work and I wanted to shout about it from the rooftops!

I decided that instead of continuing to climb up the corporate ladder, I would go out and forge my own path and start my own training & coaching business!  (You can only imagine what the reaction from some people around me would have been at making such a ‘risky’ move!)

I continued to soak up as much learning in NLP & other complimentary tools, including Creating Your Future™ Coaching Processes & Hypnosis – and trained up to become a Master Practitioner and Trainer in these tools!

NLP Trainers Training

The hard work paid off at NLP Trainer’s Training!

It was 16th May 2007 & I woke up in the morning as ‘MY OWN BOSS’ & started to grow a business where I could train & coach others to create Rapid Transformations in their lives too!


  • "I asked Osmaan for help to improve my focus on the important aspects of my network marketing business, which would result in me being more productive to help my team as much as possible.

    I indeed made my promotion on time and soon will make another.

    Without his help I would be stuck in the rut I was in and so I will continue to work with Osmaan on an ongoing basis.

    I would recommend him to anyone."

    Garry Thomson
    Garry Thomson
  • "Setting goals and direction sounds a bit cliched but that was the starting point that I needed to bring clarity to where I wanted to end up.

    With an overview and true understanding of my personality as well as a clear list of my objectives, working with Osmaan has brought an essential level of clarity and focus to the journey.

    Just having the advice and support of someone who understands your business objectives and how they relate to your personal objectives is priceless.

    I would, and have already recommended a number of my friends and associates to use Rapid Transformation even if just as a first step towards understanding or clarifying your life and work goals."

    Gordon Bain
    Gordon Bain
  • "His apparently boundless energy and enthusiasm for the comprehensive benefits of NLP for individuals and organisations alike, is both infectious and inspirational.

    As a generally quite skeptical and cautious assessor of the described benefits of any service, I found that my expectations were greatly exceeded.

    Indeed, the additional unforeseen value I obtained from the course, in terms of insight gained on a personal level was truly amazing!

    I therefore would have no hesitation in recommending Osmaan's services to any individual or organisation. To sum up, he definitely does not over promise and under deliver, in any aspect of his offering."

    Jim O'Rouke
    Jim O'Rouke
  • "Just one Unstuck chat with Osmaan, to get more from my Talent Dynamics profile, and already his ideas were prompting big 'Ah-ha' moments, as the pieces began to fall into place.

    Enlightening and effective, it was impossible not to take immediate action! Thank you Osmaan."

    Diane Leigh
    Diane Leigh
  • "My Talent Dynamics profile has provided me with some real insight into who I am and where my full potential lies.

    Through higher education, work and the media we are exposed to all manner of profile tools purporting to shine light on your innermost workings.

    For me, the TD torch is unquestionably the tool that has shone the brightest light.

    My next steps are to take the framework and use it to shape my current role and to open up my mind to the possibilities of roles to come.

    Thanks Osmaan!"

    Adam Stage
    Adam Stage
  • An amazing life changing experience both from a personal & career development point of view.

    A truly professional & knowledgeable company, who demonstrated this time & time again again with the challenges the delegates presented to Osmaan for help with.”

    Debbie Grayson
    Debbie Grayson
  • “Experience of different tools & techniques has enabled me to see how I can make a difference in the workplace & at home.

    Fantastic course which has raised my awareness, run professionally & effectively. Well done!”

    Andrea Burgess
    Andrea Burgess


I’d never grown up thinking this would be the path I’d go down.  I didn’t have the experience of running my own ‘lemonade stand’ on the street corner or other ‘typical’ entrepreneurial adventures.  I was corporate through & through  (Well that’s what I thought!)

What a journey it has been since then with so many UPs & of course a few DOWNs along the way.

The first few years truly flew by, as I was delivering certified NLP courses, coaching individual clients & working with teams throughout the country.

I’m the first to admit, that I don’t think I’m perfect (no one is!) – we’re all a ‘work-in-progress’ and that’s what gets me still so excited about doing what I choose to do every day!  This includes, continually keeping myself developing and learning new things, so I can pass onto you too.

I quickly realised that it wasn’t enough just being good at the ‘doing’ (training & coaching) but I also needed to learn the essential skills of marketing & growing a business … so it didn’t just become an expensive & fun hobby!

I then discovered the powerful profiling tool, Wealth & Talent Dynamics & trained up in it all.  This meant that I could  add this into the mix to help people like you get into ‘flow’ by working in line with your unique talents, personality & strengths – instead of against them!

It still never ceases to amaze me what people achieve and the Rapid Transformations that they create, either through the training courses and workshops or 1-2-1 coaching, that I get to share with them.

From making career changes; getting promoted & then promoted again; starting & growing their own businesses; becoming super-confident at things they never thought was possible – like public speaking or presentations; pushing their comfort zones & just really being the best version of them they can be – it’s a real pleasure & honour to be a part of such an experience!

It wasn’t all work, work work though.  I also got married to my beautiful wife Shareen & we had our amazing son Kaiyas too!

Then came the big question that was going to throw things up in the air again!  ‘So what’s next for you & the business Osmaan?’, asked my own coach.



It took me ages to answer that question, as I truly didn’t quite know!

I’d ticked off a lot of the goals that I had initially set  when I started my business, but I didn’t really think about what the next phase(s) would be.

I could have continued to keep doing what I was doing, as I still loved it when I was in a training room or working one-on-one with a client to help them tackle a challenge or new opportunity.

But there was definitely that niggling feeling inside me that was saying that it was time to shake things up, so I could add even more value to you!

It took some soul searching;  a few great training programmes that I immersed myself in; lots of chats with my coach & those close to me to help me figure out what would be next.

Guess what … it was staring me in the face all along!

Even though I loved helping clients create Rapid Transformation in any area of their life …. I was even more fired up when it was to help them take a similar journey that I’d been on (& am still on) …. to start or grow their own business!

Plus, I’d been coaching so many of my previous NLP students & coaching clients to do just that over the years, so it wasn’t actually starting again but instead just focusing on going down a more specialised path!

Business in the 'new' way!

Business in the ‘new’ way!

My ‘new’ vision for me myself & Rapid Transformation finally all came together when I hopped on a plane to Bali to go on a business retreat with 4 amazing mentors (plus fitting in a holiday there with Shareen of course!).

I left Bali knowing that going forward my mission is to help YOU & other great ‘corporate’ individuals really embrace entrepreneurship from the inside-out!

And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing & continue to do each day, through my free resources (blogs, videos & podcasts), Wealth & Talent Dynamics debrief sessions; individual coaching packages; workshops & speaker sessions.

Plus, it’s even more exciting knowing that there are still so many new ideas & Rapid Transformation Transformations still to come … to help you really make it all happen for yourself too!


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  • "I started my journey with Osmaan as a NLP Practitioner, without really even knowing what NLP or coaching was about. All I could really articulate at the time where all the things in my life that I knew I didn't want. Step by step, technique by technique, session by session, you helped me figure out what I DO want. And as the picture of what I want to be, do and have in my life got clearer, you provide the resources and support to help me achieve more than I ever really believed I was capable of. My life is almost unrecognisable today, in an amazing way, and I am very grateful for all your help and guidance along the way."

    Molly Cameron
    Molly Cameron
  • "A failed business, job redundancy, and a whole lot of baggage leading to health problems. My approach was open yet slightly sceptical. What I found still amazes and excites me. Not conventional therapy, not just a listening ear and half-hearted advice, nor some half learned technique but an amazingly effective and simple to use tool kit that can be applied both professionally and in personal life. Osmaan is professional in his approach and is highly capable and experienced to coach. Has truly helped me at a crossroads in my life when I could find no useful solutions to the problems I faced. I am truly excited to continue this journey of learning and self discovery."  

    Simah Khalid
    Simah Khalid
  • "A HUGE Thank You! I got the job.  Next destination Bournemouth!"

    Stuart Barrett
    Stuart Barrett
  • "In a 30 minute session with Osmaan, I was able to identify and clear limiting beliefs dating back 29 years! I'm now looking forward to my upcoming interview which I had been dreading. And the best part is, I had all the answers inside me, so the process (and the answers) felt completely natural. I feel like several layers of stress have been lifted away. Thank you Osmaan!"

    Susie Jones
    Susie Jones
  • "I was initially a little skeptical that the benefits of NLP could bring to my life despite being interested in the subject.

    This course, content & trainer have won me right round to this way of thinking.

    I am extremely confident of overcoming limiting beliefs & using the other techniques to help me professionally, personally & with other people.

    Fully recommended!”

    Paul Cannon
    Paul Cannon
  • "A life changing and truly life enhancing experience.

    I will be handing our your business cards like confetti.”

    Paula Hoogerbrugge
    Paula Hoogerbrugge
  • “My interaction with Osmaan has always left me feeling motivated and energised.

    Osmaan always comes across as being totally engaged with his clients, he is always professional whilst maintaining a sense of warmth and humour.

    The training courses I attended were excellent in terms of delivery, content, materials, follow up support and value for money.

    I fully intend to train again with Osmaan in the very near future.”

    Patricia Campbell
    Patricia Campbell


  • I love watching movies – you’ll see many of my blog posts, training sessions & coaching inspired by some of my favourite blockbusters!


  • Since starting, I’ve shared over 49 NLP Practitioner courses & 8 Master Practitioner courses – that’s over 456 days & doesn’t even include all the other workshops & speaker sessions!


  • I’m a ‘Trader’ profile in Talent Dynamics.  This means I love building strong relationships with my students & coaching clients – you are super important to me!
  • I used to have phobias of dogs, cats & heights – which I banished with the help of NLP.  I’ve since went on a roller coaster ride which hangs off the tallest hotel in Las Vegas & even stroked a baby Lion & Tiger!


  • I’ve not eaten a fizzy sweet since using a simple NLP ‘like to dislike’ technique since I was on my NLP Practitioner course back in 2006.


  • I walked over hot fire coals – 3 times – at a Tony Robbins seminar!  To me it’s a constant reminder of – ‘If you can do that – you can do anything!
  • I’m obsessed with gadgets – all things ‘Apple’ are a must for me!


  • I don’t think it’s possible to have enough books!  I’m a book-a-holic!  (Kindles are great but I still can’t beat holding & reading a  proper book!)


  • I enjoy coffee & especially a grande extra hot skinny caramel machiatto from Starbucks


Osmaan is passionate about enabling individuals and businesses create Rapid Transformations, in their thinking, feelings, behaviours, opportunities and results!

He brings with him a wealth of business expertise from his previous careers within Human Resources, Leadership Development and Customer Services – from both the banking and retail industries.

Both learning and continual development is really important to Osmaan. Since graduating with a M.A. (Hons) in Business and Management Studies, from the University of Glasgow, he has embarked upon a number of further courses and qualifications. These include becoming an American Board of NLP (ABNLP) Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming; NLP Coaching and Creating Your Future™ Coaching Processes, Hypnosis and also an Accredited Wealth Dynamics Flow Consultant & Talent Dynamics Performance Consultant, to name but a few.

It’s not about theory and certificates though, as he uses all his business, training and coaching experience to help his clients make a Rapid Transformation in their lives!!  What he loves the most is that even though he knows all of this ‘stuff’, everyday he still gets positively shocked and amazed at the immense power and results that can be achieved by incorporating these simple yet effective mindsets, tools and techniques.

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