Using your journey to help others – Dr Christy Fergusson – The Food Psychologist

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‘Be a leading learner’ is one of my favourite sayings from my mentors Roger Hamilton.


And that’s exactly what today’s special guest, Dr Christy Fergusson did.


Christy used her first hand experiences of suffering from many different health conditions, to take her on a path of discovering how to tackle these challenges using various different therapies & focusing on nutrition.


This then led her to create The Food Psychologist brand, where she now helps serve others who are going through similar journeys & challenges.


During this fun conversation, you’ll hear how she went about creating her business & how it led her to land a book deal, plus being the expert across a number of media publications & shows.


You’ll also get to see just how important it is to have a strong vision & why at times you need to go with your gut.

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Enjoy tuning in & being inspired about how you can also use elements of your journey to help others.

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