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90 Day Mastermind Group?

(If you haven’t already, tune into the latest podcast episode where I share my insights & reflections from the last 90 day Rapid Transformation Mastermind, then tune in now)

“I wanted to get clarity and streamline my own business.

It more than paid for itself.

I think for me the momentum of barriers I was able to smash through puts my business in a new league.”

Fionn Patrick – Client Attraction Architect


Here’s a high level of what you can expect:

♦ Be part of an exclusive group mastermind for 90 days … to help you focus on achieving a tangible result!

♦ Benefit from accountability; support; collaborating; sharing; feedback; being inspired & getting a kick up the backside when needed.

♦ Prior to commencing the 90 days, have a  1-2-1 (30 min) call with me to get clarity on what your 90 day goals & focus will be (wc 7th Jan 2019).

♦ Start the 90 days through a virtual kick off session (~1/2 day), where you’ll meet your fellow business owners & masterminders.  I’ll guide you through practical exercises for you to plan out your next 90 days during the session & get input from both myself & the group.  (Monday 14th January 2019)

♦ 1 Day Group Mastermind Day in Glasgow (Monday 18 February 2019) – to review progress & having dedicated time in the ‘hot seat’.

♦ 3 x Unstuck & Clarity Coaching & Mentoring Sessions (60 minutes – 1-2-1 via video Zoom) with me during the 90 days.

♦ Weekly check-in & check-outs to keep the momentum & action going.

♦ Access to a private Facebook group where continuous Masterminding can take place & input from me for the duration of the 90 days.

♦ 2 x online Mastermind sessions for additional ‘Hot Seat’ opportunities (90 minutes) & sharing during the 90 days.

♦ A Wealth Dynamics Profile to discover your Entrepreneurial Superpower (if you haven’t already done the profile test)

♦ Access to relevant training resources & materials from the RT-vault … to help support your specific 90 day goal (without causing you more distractions or unnecessary learning)

The investment for this 90 day Mastermind group: £1497


If you’re interested to find out more & be part of this next group starting in January 2019, then please take a few minutes to complete the form below.

I’ll then be in touch to share more with you & see if it will be a good fit for us all.

“For me the Mastermind has been so much more than I imagined it would be.

I expected it to be a bit of a coaching group that would help me focus on achieving a particular goal.

Instead I found the confidence to change my path, the support to keep me on it, and people to gently challenge me when I sought distractions from it.

I found people who invested emotionally in me and my goal, and genuinely cared that I met it.

I’m very good at setting out what I want to be held accountable for, and then forgetting what it was I said the very next day.

This group has given me a level of accountability I’ve never had before, and because my goal was set so clearly from the start, it’s been easy to see what’s part of meeting that goal and what’s a distraction.

As well as support from the group, Osmaan’s management of the group has really made the experience special. His guidance and leadership throughout the 90 Days has been fantastic.

From the set-up day at the beginning, through the weekly check-ins, the ‘live’ day, and the virtual hot seats, everything has been designed to help us understand and realise our goals.

And then of course there’s the bonus that if you need to talk things through, you have 1-2-1 time with Osmaan. I found that invaluable when I was suffering from imposter syndrome or just needed to work something through.”

Sam Dounis – Author

Interested to find out more & be part of the next Mastermind group?

“During the 90 days I noticed that I was not so scattergun.

I was more focused & kept coming back to my goal. 90 days is just right. I knew what I needed to do.

What I liked the most was the quality inputs from the group, the sense of being part of a gang and not alone, support, accountability.”

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