Want to nail that goal you’ve been ‘working’ on in the next 90 days?

(January – April 2020)

Want to nail that goal you’ve been

‘working’ on in the next 90 days?

(May – July 2019)

You’ve got notebooks filled with exciting new ideas & projects.  You’re super motivated, because you know these are going to help you play that bigger game in your business.


You set off with the best intentions … make a start … but then ‘this’ & ‘that’ get in the way.


It’s ok, you tell yourself, ‘I’ll do it next month’.


But even as you say that, you know what’s going to happen … more things will come along that you’ll end up giving your time & attention too.


Then you’ll look at those old to-do lists, decide to scrap them & start afresh writing new ones … but with same projects & goals end up back on them … marking the start to the same cycle again.


This time though … weeks, months or years have passed!


I know that you’ve not been sitting doing nothing during that time … you’ve been busy running your business & doing that things that seem important in the moment.  But we both know that this type of approach isn’t going to help you change anything & instead you just end up feeling more & more frustrated, because your feel that you’re constantly ‘behind’ where you know you should be.


So how are we going to stop this from happening … over & over again to you?


Stop trying to do it all yourself … that’s how!

It’s time that you Get Out Your Way & stop trying to do it all alone!


Instead come on a journey with a group of fellow business owners, who are sick of starting projects but not finishing them.


Together you’ll make sure that you focus on the thing that’s going the biggest impact on growing your business … over a solid 90 day period.


There will be no hiding or getting distracted by other things anymore.  Because we won’t let you!


And when you get stuck at those times when you hit a ‘brick wall’ or feel like giving up, you’ll have me & the group there to mastermind with, so you can quickly figure out the best next steps for you to take.

“I wanted to get clarity and streamline my own business.

The Mastermind more than paid for itself.

I think for me the momentum of barriers I was able to smash through puts my business in a new league.”

Fionn Patrick – Client Attraction Architect


I started working this way with my clients last year, because I’ve personally experienced the power of mastermind groups many times over the years.  Yet there was always something missing for me in them … the one-to-one support & attention that is often needed to focus on what’s holding YOU back, which is how I’ve mainly been coaching my clients over the past 12 years.


That’s why, when I created the Rapid Transformation Mastermind, I wanted you to have the best of both worlds …. a kick-ass group to mastermind with & also access to one-to-one coaching with me.


And why 90 days, you may be thinking?


It’s long enough for you to make a meaningful impact on your business with focused projects & goals, whilst also keeping the momentum going for you.  As often if you’ve got a year to do something …. you feel that you’ve got plenty of time & will get started ‘someday’ soon.


With the 90 day Mastermind, you’ve got a defined start point & end date, so you can focus, focus & focus!


It also helps you skip the distractions; keeps overwhelm at bay & if you suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) because you’ve committed to specific goals & projects … at least you know it’s not forever!


It also gives you the opportunity to really get to know each of your fellow masterminders well.  You’ll get to understand each others businesses & goals, so you can truly give valuable advice & positively challenge each other …. rather than just give high level or superficial feedback.


I guarantee you’ll be rooting for each other & do everything you can to help make sure everyone plays full out during the 90 days.

“I’ve worked with Osmaan for a number of years now, and have always gained so much from his 1-2-1 coaching.
I decided to book myself onto the 90 day mastermind as I had some really clear objectives for my business at the start of the year and knew that I would need some accountability and support to achieve them.
I was so impressed with the results that I booked onto the next 90 days to keep up the momentum!
The power of a great group of business owners who you feel support you through the tough times and cheer you on through the good is priceless.
I would highly recommend.”

Karen Hardie – xHeight Design

How does it all work?

The Rapid Transformation 90 Day Mastermind has been designed to take you on an epic journey!


Your Welcome Call (One-to-One: 30 mins)

Before the ‘whistle’ blows to officially start the 90 days, we’ll jump on a virtual call together, so we can brainstorm some of the ideas that you have for your 90 day goals or projects.


I want to make sure that what you focus on will really make a positive impact for you & your business.


This is also a chance for me to get to know you & your business even better, so that I can guide you through the 90 days in the best possible way.

90 Day ‘Kick Off’ Masterclass (Virtual)

Monday 6th January 2020:  9am-1pm – Online Video Group Call


This is a practical online masterclass, where you’ll get to meet your fellow business owners & start to get to know each other. 


I’ll share with you the techniques & processes I use with my one-to-one clients & previous Mastermind groups, to make sure you set yourself up for real success & smash your 90 days goals or projects.


You’ll get to share these with each other, so that you can keep each other accountable throughout the 90 days.


I’ll bring to life the different personalities & entrepreneurial superpowers that you each bring to the Mastermind from the Wealth Dynamics profiling system, so you’ll get to see how best to leverage this within the group & work together.   

(You’ll get a Wealth Dynamics profile to complete, if you haven’t already done this before).


Then it will be time for your first virtual ‘hot seat’ session.  This is where you can get extra input or ideas to help share your 90 day goals or project further, or get help to work through any current opportunities or challenges you’re facing, so you can hit the ground running.

Mastermind Retreat (2 days & 1 night)

Thursday 6 & Friday 7 February 2020 – Gleddoch House, Langbank , Scotland

immersion weekend

This is where you’ll whisk yourself away to focus on your business & spend 2 days masterminding in person with each other, at the wonderful Gleddoch House Hotel in Langbank, just outside Glasgow.


During the first day, you’ll get to share the progress you’ve been making during the journey so far.


You’ll then have a dedicated time in the ‘hot seat’ so we can ALL focus exclusively on you & your goal or project.


The beauty of the mastermind is that you’ll also get so many breakthrough moments & insights, during other people’s ‘hot seat’ sessions too.


Throughout the 2 days there will be lots of group ‘fireside’ coaching conversations, based upon common themes, to help you continue to Get Out Your Way!


The conversations will then continue into the evening, as we have dinner together & more chit-chats.


The next day is all about implementation.  You’ll get to take the ideas, thoughts & new insights you got from day 1 & turn them into action.


Plus, you’ll have me on hand to coach & support you (both 1-2-1 & in the group) throughout the day.



I’ll also be running mini-masterclass sessions throughout this day on relevant topics based on your goals & projects.


Your overnight stay; lunch & refreshments on both days; dinner & breakfast, included in the 90 day Mastermind package for you.


(We start at 10am on the Thursday & aim to be wrapped up by 5pm on Friday) 

Virtual 'Hot Seat' Mastermind Calls (2 x 90 mins)

Wednesday 22 January 2020: 10am – 11.30am

Tuesday 25 February 2020: 10am – 11.30am

During the 90 day journey, you’ll be invited to group Mastermind video calls so you can continue to get the support, challenges & feedback from us all.


These are spaced out throughout the journey & the 2 day Mastermind retreat, so that you truly keep the momentum going.

One-to-One Coaching (3 x 60 mins calls)

During your 90 day journey, you can book in for your one-to-one calls with me, so I can help you get unstuck or dive deeper on more specific challenges or opportunities.


So if there’s any limiting beliefs or ways that you’re sabotaging yourself, then I’ll bring the magical tools from the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Wealth Dynamics to help you to experience a rapid transformation.

Weekly Accountability Check-Ins

There really is no place to hide (in a good way), as each week you’ll commit to what you’re going to make happen … plus review your results & impact of the week before. 


That way we can all keep you on track & help where needed.

Secret Facebook Group

The will be your sacred space to share with each other & get the words of encouragement or the kick-up the backside that you may be needing.


I’m inside this group regularly to help you in anyway that I can during the 90 days.

Celebration & Wrap Up Session (Virtual)

Monday 6th April 2020: 10am – 11.30am

As we hit the 90 day period, you’ll have the chance to get together again online, so we can all celebrate your successes & hear your key reflections from your experience.


This will also give you the chance to get further help & support for the group, as you start to focus on what you’ll go onto make happen in the next 90 days … either as part of the next Mastermind group or yourself.

BONUS: GUEST EXPERT Mastermind Call (Virtual)

(w.c. 15 March 2020 – Date & Time TBC)

During the 90 days, I’m going to bring in a very special guest expert from my personal network to co-host a virtual group session.


You’ll have a chance to bring your opportunity or challenge in an exclusive ‘hot seat’ session, to get their experience & ‘eyes’ on it.


I’m super excited about who I have lined up as the guest for you … you’re going to love & get so much value from her .. or him 😉 . 

(They may have been one of my most popular guests on my podcast too 😉 )

“For me the Mastermind has been so much more than I imagined it would be.

I expected it to be a bit of a coaching group that would help me focus on achieving a particular goal.

Instead I found the confidence to change my path, the support to keep me on it, and people to gently challenge me when I sought distractions from it.

I found people who invested emotionally in me and my goal, and genuinely cared that I met it.

I’m very good at setting out what I want to be held accountable for, and then forgetting what it was I said the very next day.

This group has given me a level of accountability I’ve never had before, and because my goal was set so clearly from the start, it’s been easy to see what’s part of meeting that goal and what’s a distraction.

As well as support from the group, Osmaan’s management of the group has really made the experience special. His guidance and leadership throughout the 90 Days has been fantastic.

From the set-up day at the beginning, through the weekly check-ins, the ‘live’ day, and the virtual hot seats, everything has been designed to help us understand and realise our goals.

And then of course there’s the bonus that if you need to talk things through, you have 1-2-1 time with Osmaan. I found that invaluable when I was suffering from imposter syndrome or just needed to work something through.”

Sam Dounis – Author

Interested to find out more & be part of the next Mastermind group?


If you’re someone that is ready to really commit to getting out your way & growing your business, then I’d love to see if the next 90 Day Rapid Transformation Mastermind could be the right fit for you, me & the overall group.


The total investment for the Mastermind is £1997 + VAT

(Payment plans are available on request.)


The investment covers the cost of your 2 days & 1 night at Gleddoch House Hotel for the Mastermind retreat.  All you need to sort out is your travel.


Spaces for the Mastermind are limited, so that you can get the proper time & attention that you deserver throughout the journey.


Because of this & the importance of ensuring that it will be a win-win for everyone, places are available on an application basis.


So please take a few minutes to complete the short form below & I’ll then arrange to have a ‘virtual cuppa’ with you, so we can both see how this will work best for you.


Here’s a summary of all the dates you’ll need for your diary: 

* 90 day Virtual Masterclass: Monday 6 January 2020 (9am-1pm)

* Group ‘Hot Seat’ Virtual session: Wednesday 22 January 2020 (10-11.30am)

* RT Mastermind retreat (2 days & 1 night): ​Gleddoch House ​Thursday 6 February (10am start) – Friday 7 February 2020 (~5pm finish)

​* Group ‘Hot Seat’ Virtual Session: Tuesday 25 February 2020 (10-11.30am)

* Group ‘Hot Seat’ session with a special guest : w.c. 15 March 2020 – time/date TBC  

* Wrap up & Group ‘Hot Seat’ session: Monday 6 April 2020 (10-11.30am​)

“Working with Osmaan has revolutionised my business.

Why? Because he guided me to make better choices and get out of my own way.

Without Osmaan’s guidance and coaching I could have missed out on the biggest, most lucrative shift in my business I’ve ever experienced and for that reason I’ll be eternally grateful.

The fact Osmaan has been my personal business coach for over two years, I turn to him to help me make major business decisions and am on my third Rapid Transformation 90 day Mastermind programme lead by him speaks volumes about the level of trust and faith I have in him.

During the 90 days I noticed that I was not so scattergun.

I was more focused & kept coming back to my goal. 90 days is just right. I knew what I needed to do.

What I liked the most was the quality inputs from the group, the sense of being part of a gang and not alone, support, accountability.”

Jenny Plant – Account Management Skills – Coach & Trainer

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