Have you ever felt like you’re doing something in your business, career or job – that just isn’t you?  You know, like you’re trying to squeeze yourself to fit that mould but it’s as uncomfortable as putting on a pair of shoes that are the completely wrong size?

It could be that what you ‘thought’ was the right career option or role to take – isn’t floating your boat, connecting with you or living up to the dream.

One of the easiest ways to know if you’re doing the wrong thing is that it will feel like so much hard work; you need to put in lots of effort just to get by and it just isn’t lighting you up!

The great news though is when discover the REAL YOU & who you are, you can then design your working life so that you fit ‘what you do’ with ‘who you are’ – rather than the opposite way around!


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What is Wealth Dynamics & Talent Dynamics?

Wealth Dynamics & Talent Dynamics are a simple yet powerful profiling tool, which really quickly assesses and brings to life:

  • your personality
  • your core talents & strengths
  • how you’re most productive
  • what’s important to you & where you add most value
  • the best roles & activities for you to do
  • your preferred communication & thinking styles and behaviours!

There are 8 different Wealth Dynamics & Talent Dynamics profiles and when you get to see which one you are most aligned with, it will help you follow the best DESIGN, MINDSETS & STRATEGIES – that will get you & keep you in FLOW!


The impact Wealth Dynamics & Talent Dynamics has had for some of my clients!

Leanne Lawson

Nina Lenton

Stephen Elliott

Diane Leigh


Flow is when things feel really natural to you and you’re doing things that play to your talents & strengths.  You’ll be getting an incredible amount of buzz doing what you’re doing – even if it’s something new & challenging.

Even when you come upon any obstacles – when you’re in flow – you somehow are able to use your ‘super-talents’ to melt away those problems or get over/under/around them!

Ultimately it’s the path of least resistance that you can take!  So which path would you prefer to take?


Wealth Dynamics & Talent Dynamics – Rapid Transformation
wealth dynamics

When you follow your Wealth Dynamics & Talent Dynamics profile, you’ll increase the levels of trust that you have in yourself (& others) and flow!

Each of the profiles has unique strategies and ‘games’ to follow, so that you get the best experiences & results.  You can think of each profile as being like a different sport, like netball, football or golf.  Even though each of them use a ball, each have different rules and winning & losing formulas!

In the world of work, (whether that’s your business, career or job), I’m sure you’ll agree that it can be really confusing and somewhat overwhelming with there being so many different leadership & success models.  They can seem like they contradict each other but actually what they’re doing in fact, is talking to different people who have different Talents Profiles.  But they will only work if they fit with your profile – otherwise it could actually have the opposite effect!

Instead of trying to be good at everything – which is a common success myth – when you focus upon your Talent then the real magic will happen!  Just look at how Oprah, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Martha Stewart, the late Steve Jobs & Anita Roddick – played to their strengths!

So when you really get to grips with your Wealth Dynamics & Talent Dynamics profile – you can make sure you’re following the right advice & strategies for you!

wealth dynamics
  • "I began coaching with Osmaan in July 2012. I was 60 and was probably at the lowest point ever, not only of my career but my life too.

    I had a failed business venture behind me, casting a long shadow over everything, the growing realisation that I had never really been happy in my work and, frankly, no sense of direction.

    As I write I am, for the first time, looking forward to my future.

    Osmaan helped me to discover my true values, recognise that I had skills that others would find useful and what those skills are and quite simply introduced me to a new me.

    I'm not entirely sure how he achieved all this in less than two months but all I can say is that he did. 

    Osmaan's innate wisdom, patience and encouragement with this formerly defunct executive did the trick.

    I am a new person with prospects and regained optimism.

    The coaching which he designed for me was worth every penny."

    Paula Wise
    Paula Wise
  • "A HUGE Thank You! I got the job.  Next destination Bournemouth!"

    Stuart Barrett
    Stuart Barrett
  • "In a 30 minute session with Osmaan, I was able to identify and clear limiting beliefs dating back 29 years! I'm now looking forward to my upcoming interview which I had been dreading. And the best part is, I had all the answers inside me, so the process (and the answers) felt completely natural. I feel like several layers of stress have been lifted away. Thank you Osmaan!"

    Susie Jones
    Susie Jones
  • "A life changing and truly life enhancing experience.

    I will be handing our your business cards like confetti.”

    Paula Hoogerbrugge
    Paula Hoogerbrugge
  • "Just one Unstuck chat with Osmaan, to get more from my Talent Dynamics profile, and already his ideas were prompting big 'Ah-ha' moments, as the pieces began to fall into place.

    Enlightening and effective, it was impossible not to take immediate action! Thank you Osmaan."

    Diane Leigh
    Diane Leigh
  • "My Talent Dynamics profile has provided me with some real insight into who I am and where my full potential lies.

    Through higher education, work and the media we are exposed to all manner of profile tools purporting to shine light on your innermost workings.

    For me, the TD torch is unquestionably the tool that has shone the brightest light.

    My next steps are to take the framework and use it to shape my current role and to open up my mind to the possibilities of roles to come.

    Thanks Osmaan!"

    Adam Stage
    Adam Stage
  • "I discovered that my Talent Dynamic profile was the complete opposite to what I believed it would ever have been and I sought his help to prepare me for a new career and lifestyle.

    In addition to building confidence, I have learnt so much from Osmaan’s knowledge and experience in the Business world.

    Of course I would recommend Osmaan and his coaching, to anyone who is thinking of settling up their own business, and I mean anyone!"

    Louise MacFarlane
    Louise MacFarlane

Which Wealth Dynamics & Talent Dynamics profile are you?

  • 18 page personalised report
  • Your talent frequency breakdown – across the 8 different profiles.
  • Your primary profile in detail:
    • Your areas of strengths & challenges.
    • Where you’d get your successes & where you’d struggle.
    • The best & worst activities for you in a team.
    • The best & worst activities in the business or workplace.
    • The best operating environments for your profile.
  • An overview of your secondary profiles & how they could support you.
  • Who would be the best people to role model for you!
  • Insights into the Wealth & Talent Dynamics Square & the origins of Wealth & Talent Dynamics.
  • Overview of the 8 different profiles & the 5 Talent Frequencies.
  • Leadership styles for each profile.
  • How team roles & cycles can be aligned to your profile.
  • Ultimately, it will help you to see what you should be doing more of & less of, so you can really maximise whatever you do going forward in your business.
  • The Talent Dynamics Profile & Report PLUS
  • 1-2-1 Telephone/Skype Coaching call to bring it to life!
  • It’s doesn’t just end though with the report, it’s the ‘right what will I do with this now?’ that will really matter to you & your results.
  • Get your specific questions answered on how you can maximise your Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics profile for YOU!
  • Together we’ll get under the surface of it all & see how it can specifically apply to you in your working life – just now & for your future goals!
  • Ensure your profile is aligned to the 3 foundations for success:  DESIGN, MINDSETS & STRATEGIES.
  • What’s currently not quite working for you?  Discover what actions you could be doing that will get you more into flow & get better results!
  • Identify where the NLP toolkit can also further support & enhance you in getting more into flow! See where your gaps are & see how you can get others around you (team; colleagues or associates) to support you !
  • Sharing insights & learnings from my experience of working with other people who are the same Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics profile as you!

Hear more about those who’ve done their Wealth Dynamics or Talent Dynamics profile.

Susie Jones

James Keegans

Lisa Russell



Talent Dynamics also adds incredible value when used within a team – so that you can all see how you can play to your strengths to benefit you as an individual; the team & the business as a whole!

When a team is in flow – productivity increases, results & performance improves dramatically; trust & communication accelerates; you have more fun & also feel more connected to the organisation.

I’ve recently worked with the leadership team of CitizenM HotelsFirst Direct in Hamilton, Georgina Craig Associates & In Touch Consultants, to help them create Rapid Transformations in the way they work – using the Talent Dynamics profiling toolkit.

If you have a team or associates that you would like to get more into flow – simply get in touch with me & we can talk through how it could work for you.

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