Feeling Lucky?

Do you believe luck plays a hand in your business? Well it does … to an extent! See what you can do & how the research backs up why it’s important to think & feel ‘lucky!’

‘Household’ brand names

How many business are now ‘household’ brand names in your mind? It’s worth remembering that back in the days they were also new businesses! Hear how this can help you when growing your [...]

That ‘Dirty’ Word … Selling!

What do you think about the word ‘Selling’? How is it that the same word or activity can feel so different for people? Listen to find out how you can think about selling in a more positive way.

Considering a change?

Considering a Change? If you’re considering a change in your business, career or job –then it’s time for us to have a ‘chat’ – just you & me! Here’s some of a peek at what I chat through in the [...]

Time: Are you spending it wisely?

Time: Are You Spending It Wisely? If you had ‘time’ in a bank instead of money – would you spend it differently? Listen to this latest RT-Podcast and see how the Hollywood may open up your mind [...]

Back to the Future

Back To the Future When you’re going after big, inspiring & sometimes ‘scary’ goals – it’s the part in between the setting the goal and achieving it that can be the most fun, challenging & [...]

Do you have a big enough WHY?

When it comes to setting your GOALS – have you got your WHY clear? One of the key things to really make sure your goals become REAL – is to spend time to think about your ‘WHY’ behind them! [...]

Be super strong & flexible

Be Superstrong & Flexible Give Yourself Just Over 4 Minutes To Listen To This Rapid Transformation Podcast Bringing One Of The Key NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Principles To Life For [...]

Protect & nurture your goals

How much are you protecting & nurturing your goals? Put into action these 3 top strategies so you can help them grow & become real! It doesn’t matter what you call them – [...]

What’s it going to take?

What’s it going to take? If you want great answers to help solve challenges … you need to ask the right questions! Play this audio to bring this blog post to life for you even more. If you’re [...]

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