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As you may have gathered, I’m all about helping you to create Rapid Transformations!

Whether that’s to leave your ‘job’ behind so you can start your own business, or help you rapidly grow it if you’ve already taken that leap!

Everything I do is focused upon helping YOU to do what you WANT to do – even better, quicker & much easier!

I’m a firm believer that your past or present, doesn’t have to dictate your future!  Because you always have a choice to take charge & make choices to do something about it NOW!

So whether you want help to get ‘un-stuck’ & moving forward or coaching & support as you’re on the journey, you’ve come to the right place!


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From my experience of coaching individuals just like you over the years, I know that for true success & consistent results, you need to have each of the elements of the Rapid Transformation formula solid in your life!


The chances are that if things aren’t flowing for you just now or your results are going in the opposite direction than you want – then one, two or three of these foundations need some focus & attention.


When we work together, you’ll get to experience the powerful toolkit from Rapid Transformation that will help you create fast, effective & long lasting changes!

You won’t have to do it alone though, as throughout your exciting adventure & journey, I’ll be your supporter; challenger; cheerleader; ‘pick me up’er’, sounding board and believer!

Together we’ll make sure you’re pushed out of your comfort zones (well you wouldn’t be choosing to work with me, if you didn’t want to create changes now, would you?) and are continually on the right path!

Through our one-to-one coaching, you’ll get to benefit from a number of cutting edge change tools, techniques & techniques, include Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Wealth Dynamics & Talent Dynamics & Creating Your Future™ Coaching Processes (to name just a few).

These tools will allow you to experience Rapid Transformations from an inside-out approach.  So it’s not just all talking – you will get to literally ‘re-programme’ your mind to change how you think; feel & act … pronto style!

Plus, I bring a wealth of personal & practical business experience to the table too.

Your coaching sessions are tailored to you specifically and can be conducted face-to-face; over the telephone or Skype/Facetime – so location is not a barrier for us!


This is for you if you’re feeling like you’re stuck or the wheels are in motion but you’re not getting anywhere fast!

Often all it takes is a little fine tuning for you to make positive changes in your life, results & experiences.

Take the game of golf for example.  It can come down to only a millimetre or two – that can make the difference between an average and an outstanding shot!

Here we can work together to tackle specific elements of your DESIGN, MINDSETS or STRATEGIES that aren’t completely working for you just now!

There are a number of things that I help my clients ‘un-stuck’ around including:

  • Making a challenging decision or choice that you’ve been driving yourself crazy with!
  • Letting go of negative baggage from the past that keep on dragging you backwards & zapping your energy!
  • Getting rid of limiting beliefs – such as ‘I’m not good at ______’; ‘I wish I was better at _________’
  • Turn around bad habits – such as procrastination; auto-pilot addictions or unproductive activities.
  • Increase your confidence & self belief!
  • Get to understand what really motivates you & what is important to you!
  • To identify & help you really play to your strengths & talents!

The Rapid Transformation toolkit help us make changes quickly! 

So your ‘un-stuck’ coaching session will get straight to the heart of the matter!


To start with you’ll complete a pre-coaching questionnaire, so you can bring to light as much of what’s happening (or not) just now.  It’ll also help you get more focused on what you’d like from our session together.

I’ll then spend time reviewing your questionnaire & getting a handle on it all.


We’ll then get together for 90 minutes (face-to-face; telephone or online) & have a laser-focused coaching session to blast through these challenges.

Following this, we’ll then have a post-session catch up via e-mail or the phone within the next 2 weeks, to review where you are & if any further ‘fine-tuning’ is needed.

Get in touch so we can chat through what you would like & talk more about how we can make it happen


The investment for an ‘Un-stuck’ coaching package is £147 + VAT (£176.40) in total. 

This includes the pre-coaching work; the 90 minute coaching & a follow up call/e-mail support during the following 2 weeks.

  • "A HUGE Thank You! I got the job.  Next destination Bournemouth!"

    Stuart Barrett
    Stuart Barrett
  • "In a 30 minute session with Osmaan, I was able to identify and clear limiting beliefs dating back 29 years! I'm now looking forward to my upcoming interview which I had been dreading. And the best part is, I had all the answers inside me, so the process (and the answers) felt completely natural. I feel like several layers of stress have been lifted away. Thank you Osmaan!"

    Susie Jones
    Susie Jones
  • "Just one Unstuck chat with Osmaan, to get more from my Talent Dynamics profile, and already his ideas were prompting big 'Ah-ha' moments, as the pieces began to fall into place.

    Enlightening and effective, it was impossible not to take immediate action! Thank you Osmaan."

    Diane Leigh
    Diane Leigh

Michael Devine


Start Here. Take The Quiz


This is for you if you’re sick of thinking & talking about making a change and NOW really want to do it.

Here you don’t have to do it all yourself – as I know that can be one of the biggest challenges for people like us, who’ve come from (or are leaving) a ‘traditional’ job or career, to get out there & be their own ‘Entrepreneur’ or business owner.

I work with a handful of clients in an intensive way to help be with you step-by-step in your journey from ‘here’ to ‘there’!

The Rapid Transformation Premium & Ultimate Coaching packages are based upon focusing on both YOU & YOUR business!  It combines both coaching & mentoring – so you learn from many of the learnings from both myself & other clients, so you save time, energy & money by avoiding them!

The Premium & Ultimate packages are designed in a such a way, that we work intensely together over a period of time and we really focus upon getting each of the elements of the Rapid Transformation Formula working for you!

You also get to benefit from being held accountable to take action – with tasks & actions to get your teeth into between our sessions.  We’ll also get to review & tweek things as you go along – to make sure that you’re moving in the right direction!


In this package, we get to work together over a 3 month period.

What’s included:

  • 6 hours of coaching spread over a 3 month period (face-to-face in Glasgow; telephone or online).   
  • We’d start off by having an intensive (double) session to lay the foundations & get the plan of action in place.
  • Then we’d have fortnightly coaching sessions to keep the momentum going; review progress & adjust things accordingly.
  • A Talent Dynamics profile to see which of the 8 profiles you’re more aligned with & how that fits in with your Design, Mindsets & Strategies going forward!
  • 1 x RT booster calls during each month – where you can literally book time in my diary at short notice for a quick 20  minute ‘Help I need to chat through this ‘roadblock’ or get a kick up the backside’ call!


  • (If you’re a small business owner based in Scotland, you may be eligible for 50% funding.  Please give me a bell & we can talk through this option)

This is where we get to work the closest during your business development & growth phase, over a 6 month period.  

What’s included:

  • 16 hours of coaching spread over a 6 month period (face-to-face in Glasgow; telephone or online).   
  • A mix of intensive sessions at the start & mid-way through – to focus upon strategy & direction – then regular fortnightly coaching.
  • 2 x RT booster calls during each month – where you can literally book time in my diary at short notice for a quick 20 minute ‘Help I need a sounding board or a SOS help’ call!
  • A Talent Dynamics profile to see which of the 8 profiles you’re more aligned with & how that fits in with your Design, Mindsets & Strategies going forward!
  • Additionally, you’d get e-mail support from me too, so I can review & give feedback any ideas/campaigns/proposals/services that you’re working on.
  • I’ll also introduce you to my ‘inner team’ of partners – who may be able to assist you on some business development services – such as website development; graphics/marketing materials etc.
  • BONUS – You’ll get invited into any online webinars/business-focused training courses that I’m delivering* during this time – to help solidify what you’re learning & take it even further.

I’m sure you’ll see that this is more of the full & intensive package, which is for those who are seriously about making big changes & going after their dreams.  I only work with a few clients in such an intensive way at a time, so that I can give you my focus, time & dedication.

Get in touch here to see if this is the right package for you or

call 0141 412 6123


  • (If you’re a small business owner based in Scotland, you may be eligible for 50% funding.  Please give me a bell & we can talk through this option)


(* This excludes any workshops/courses that I’m booked to deliver for a specific company or team and residential workshops).

See & hear from some of my coaching clients who I’ve been working with!

Jenny Plant


Lisa Russell

Simon Withington

  • "I began coaching with Osmaan in July 2012. I was 60 and was probably at the lowest point ever, not only of my career but my life too.

    I had a failed business venture behind me, casting a long shadow over everything, the growing realisation that I had never really been happy in my work and, frankly, no sense of direction.

    As I write I am, for the first time, looking forward to my future.

    Osmaan helped me to discover my true values, recognise that I had skills that others would find useful and what those skills are and quite simply introduced me to a new me.

    I'm not entirely sure how he achieved all this in less than two months but all I can say is that he did. 

    Osmaan's innate wisdom, patience and encouragement with this formerly defunct executive did the trick.

    I am a new person with prospects and regained optimism.

    The coaching which he designed for me was worth every penny."

    Paula Wise
    Paula Wise
  • "I started my journey with Osmaan as a NLP Practitioner, without really even knowing what NLP or coaching was about. All I could really articulate at the time where all the things in my life that I knew I didn't want. Step by step, technique by technique, session by session, you helped me figure out what I DO want. And as the picture of what I want to be, do and have in my life got clearer, you provide the resources and support to help me achieve more than I ever really believed I was capable of. My life is almost unrecognisable today, in an amazing way, and I am very grateful for all your help and guidance along the way."

    Molly Cameron
    Molly Cameron
  • "A failed business, job redundancy, and a whole lot of baggage leading to health problems. My approach was open yet slightly sceptical. What I found still amazes and excites me. Not conventional therapy, not just a listening ear and half-hearted advice, nor some half learned technique but an amazingly effective and simple to use tool kit that can be applied both professionally and in personal life. Osmaan is professional in his approach and is highly capable and experienced to coach. Has truly helped me at a crossroads in my life when I could find no useful solutions to the problems I faced. I am truly excited to continue this journey of learning and self discovery."  

    Simah Khalid
    Simah Khalid
  • "I asked Osmaan for help to improve my focus on the important aspects of my network marketing business, which would result in me being more productive to help my team as much as possible.

    I indeed made my promotion on time and soon will make another.

    Without his help I would be stuck in the rut I was in and so I will continue to work with Osmaan on an ongoing basis.

    I would recommend him to anyone."

    Garry Thomson
    Garry Thomson
  • "Setting goals and direction sounds a bit cliched but that was the starting point that I needed to bring clarity to where I wanted to end up.

    With an overview and true understanding of my personality as well as a clear list of my objectives, working with Osmaan has brought an essential level of clarity and focus to the journey.

    Just having the advice and support of someone who understands your business objectives and how they relate to your personal objectives is priceless.

    I would, and have already recommended a number of my friends and associates to use Rapid Transformation even if just as a first step towards understanding or clarifying your life and work goals."

    Gordon Bain
    Gordon Bain
  • "I would absolutely recommend Osmaan to anyone moving from employee to entrepreneur. It can feel like a big jump and its great to have someone there to go through it with you, helping and supporting but also kicking your butt when its needed.

    Working with Osmaan has been the difference between a 3 year fluffy, stagnant idea to a energising, exciting, tangible and crystal clear business, with clients,  all after 3 months working on his premium coaching package. I will be back for more!"

    Sarah B
    Sarah B
  • "I discovered that my Talent Dynamic profile was the complete opposite to what I believed it would ever have been and I sought his help to prepare me for a new career and lifestyle.

    In addition to building confidence, I have learnt so much from Osmaan’s knowledge and experience in the Business world.

    Of course I would recommend Osmaan and his coaching, to anyone who is thinking of settling up their own business, and I mean anyone!"

    Louise MacFarlane
    Louise MacFarlane

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